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 G R I F F is a dystopian TV show that can only be viewed on the Pacifico platform.


In 2003 in America, any baby born after that year would have metal rods stuck in their brain. These rods would allow scientists to program to whatever their liking is (mind control) but for right now, they let the baby's think what they want. It took them around 82 years for them to finally finish programming a "perfect brain" and so all children born 2003 - 2085 and above would be completely perfect. But first they need to eliminate the elders. They did this with verious methods using poison and even assasinating them which was easy enough since they were 83 and older. Now that they've eliminated all "imperfect" life, the plan shall take action. They put ads on the telivision saying "They'll love you" and "Flawless", and then on May 5th 2085, everyone was officially perfect. They eliminated sadness, anger, depression, jealousy, religion, education, and even hunger somehow. But they forgot somebody. Somebody who has erased themselves from society, taken themselves off the grid who lives inside of a mountain. This man would be the only hope to rebel against the American government. The only one not affected by the pefection... his name was Griff. Griff is an 83 year old man with a long beard who wears snapbacks, jackets, and other modern clothing from 2015. He is known as "The Imperfect" and he is determined to give people their lives back. Will he be sucessful?


Name Description
Griff (The Imperfect) The main character and the one determined to give people their lives back
Fandrone Crimson 2030 (The Drone) A drone that is able to speak and interact in very humanly ways. Griff uses this drone to see whats happening beyond the mountain he lives in.


Full scripts found here

Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis
The Imperfect Tells the story of a rebel who lives in a mountain.
A Day With the Drone Griff and Fandrone finally find someone different from the rest of the perfectos... but what is his purpose?
An Attack Warn Thanks to Fandrone, Griff knows why this person is so different, he's an assassin for Griff! Griff needs to think of a plan.
The Revived Upon the assassins arrival Griff reasons with him and takes out the rod thats been controlling him, making Niko the first revived perfect person.
My Whole Life... TBA
The Escapist TBA
The One TBA
No more... TBA

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