The G-Tablet.
Developer(s) NovaOSLogo
1080p Display

Pc-disc and Nova-disc support.

Compatible with PC games.

2D 1080p camera with flash.

Two circle pads

A D-Pad and four buttons.

Flat, smooth keyboard, able to be unfolded and retreat.

The G-Tablet is the first tablet manufactured by Nova OS, and is marketed as a gaming tablet capable of running high-quality PC games and Nova Apps. However, unlike it's companions in-market, the G-Nova and the G-Laptop, the G-Tablet is not able to execute Nintendo games, being only a gaming tablet for PC and Nova users.

It comes pre-installed with Ophiuchus OS, the first tablet variation of Zodiac OS, and works best with it. It can run games such as Skyrim smoothly, but cannot multitask very well.