Fyre the Fox
Full Name Fyre
Current Age 12
Date of Birth November 25, 2000
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Main Hero
Main Weapon(s) Pyrokinesis
Ability/ies Pyrokinesis
First Appearance The Adventure of Fyre
Latest Appearance Weegeelover Wars


Fyre is a friendly character,and he cares about mostly everyone. He is also kind of shy and timid, but tries to be brave whenever he goes on adventures.

Relationships with other characters

Project 384-In the first game,Fyre hates Project 384 because of how evil he is. In the second game,that changes when Project 384 almost kills himself trying to save Fyre's life. He is now more of a rival than an enemy.

Roll the Armadillo-Roll is his best friend, despite their differences.

Thundurr the Lion-Fyre likes Thundurr, but thinks he is slightly annoying.

Game Appearances

The Adventure of Fyre

Fyre debuted in this game. A rare jewel that he has found that gives whoever holds it fire powers gets stolen by a mutant. He can still use the fire powers though,because he had the jewel for a long time and the power fused with him. He realizes that the mutant, Project 384, is trying to take over the world using it, and he tries to stop him.

Fyre 2:Return of the Fox

In this game, his jewel gets stolen again. Three new friends, Roll,Ashley,and Thundurr join him. He stops the villians from taking over the world again.

Fantendo Ultimate Alliance

Fyre appears as a DLC fighter in this game.

Weegeelover Wars

Fyre is a default character in this game.

A Bunch of Other Crossover Fighters

Ever since his debut, Fyre has appeared in several crossover fighters, like the Fantendo All-Stars series.

Fyre Z

Fyre Z is another game in the main series. It has a darker tone than its prequels. It is also the last Fyre game made before he became a Zentech Studios flagship character.


This character has had many name changes. His first name was Pyre, and then it was changed to Pyro, and then it was changed to Fyro because there is a Lectro character named Pyro. He was renamed to Fyre, due to name similarities with an actual character.

He was originally a side character, and not the main protagonist. The main protagonist was originally going to be a lion named Pyro,which is one of Fyre's original names.

Thundurr from Fyre 2:Return of the Fox is a refrence to Pyro (the character who was originally Fyre), because they are both elemental lions.