New Fyeno

Fyeno is a large Pokémon region that debuted in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight. It is known as a tropical paradise, and one of the largest regions known to date. Location wise, it is quite isolated, but is known to have some connection with Sinnoh. It is rumoured that the region was connected to Sinnoh millions of years ago, but broke off due to tectonic plate reactions.


The region of Fyeno is loosely based off of the continent Oceania in geography, with more Caribbean influence in culture and nature. The majority of the region is a hot climate, aside from a few unique areas. It is known for being one of the most diverse regions to date.



Fyeno has 72 Routes, 42 Cities/Towns, and 22 Events/Special Places.

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  • Fyeno is the seventh Pokémon region to date.
  • Credit to Shadow Inferno (tbc) for the new map!