Fwoosh King is a villain from Mario Party: Bowser's Attack, Mario Enemy Party, Wario Land 5: Do the Twist and Mario 3D World. Despite being called a Fwoosh, it looks like a Foo, and it's minions also look like Foos.

King Fwoosh and his minions.


King Fwoosh looks like a normal Foo, but it has a more storm cloud appearance. It wears a crown similar to King Boo's and has black eyebrows, along with bright pink lips.


Mario Party: Bowser's Attack

You must run over the rainbow, avoiding the blasts of air from Fwoosh King's Foos. Once you get there, you must use a Cloud Flower to get to Fwoosh King's head, then stomp on him.

Wario Land 5: Do the Twist

Fwoosh King will start out by sending out Foos. Once you've defeated all of the Foos, he will return and fill the screen with fog. You have to repeatedly jump to get rid of the fog. Once it's gone, he will return and float back and forth at the top of the screen, releasing rain. You must avoid the rain as well as possible, as getting hit too much will remove your power-up. Eventually, he will come to the ground and you must jump on his head. Repeat this three times and he will be defeated.

Mario 3D World

He fights the same way as he does in Wario Land 5, except minus the filling the screen with fog.


  • Mario Party: Bowser's Attack
    • He is a boss- the final boss other than Bowser.
  • Mario Enemy Party
    • He is summoned by Latiku to make 1 random player go back to the starting space.
  • Wario Land 5: Do the Twist
    • He is, again, a boss. He is the boss of World 2.
  • Mario 3D World
    • He is, guess what, a boss! He is the castle boss of the Frozen Plains.

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