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This is a joke article, possibly made to make fun of a certain subject. Understand that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.
Fuzzybutt DINORIGINSAUR is an upcoming 2018 game made by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc) for the Wii U. The game stars Fuzzybutt, a malicious but also good DINOSAUR, in his DINOSAUR journey to conquer the land of DINOSAUR and defeat the malevolent villain, DINORAWR. The player controls Fuzzybutt in the land of DINOSAUR, using several DINOBILITIES to kill the other DINOSAURS in the land of DINOSAUR to become the ultimate DINOSAUR.


Since this console is not for something DINOSAURS play, this will be hard to EXPLAIIIN since Fuzzybutt does not like CONSOOOLES.

You play the game with DINOSAURGAMEPAD. DINOSAUR RIGHT CONTROLSTIIICK is to allow Fuzzybutt the gift of MOVIIING, while the DINOSAUR LEFT CONTROLSTIIICK lets Fuzzybutt use his EYESSSS to look around at other DINOSAURS and DINOSAUR-related topics.

DINOSAUR A BUTTOOON is to allow Fuzzybutt to JUUUMP, like a graceful skater who fell on her FAAACE. DINOSAUR B BUTTOOON can be used to make Fuzzybutt RUUUN. DINOSAUR X BUTTOOON allows Fuzzybutt to shoot LAAASERS to kill MALOVELENT DINOSAUUURS. DINOSAUR Y BUTTOOON allows Fuzzybutt to use his set DINOBILITYYYY, which are abilities for DINOSAURS that allow DINOSAUR MAGIIIC. DINOSAUR R BUTTOOON or DINOSAUR L BUTTOOON allows Fuzzybutt to protect his DINOSAUR ASSS with his NUCLEAR DINOSAUR SHIELDING POWERRRS. DINOSAUR ZR BUTTOOON or DINOSAUR ZL BUTTOOON allows Fuzzybutt to yell the beautiful word "DINOSAUR" to scare DINOSAURS for a SECOOOND! DINOSAUR + BUTTOOON or DINOSAUR - BUTTOOON is used to access the DINOSAUR MENUUU, to see Fuzzybutt's DINOBILITIES, DINCONTROLS, DINMEMOSAUR, AND DINOSAURVE.





DINOSAURS are the DINOSAURS that roam the land of DINOSAUR, or the characters for you normal readers. Most of these DINOSAURS are EVILLLL (except the DINOSAUR himself, FUZZYBUTT, who is also rather EVILLLL in his own cosmic way) and must be KILLED by FUZZYBUTT the DINOSAUR.






Does this game make you want to become a DINOSAUR?

The poll was created at 00:49 on December 19, 2015, and so far 2 people voted.

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