The evil dinosaur itself.
Current Age 30
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Location Western Village
Align Villain
Current Status Alive
Height 1'02"
Weight 1000 lbs
Voice Actor(s)
Mark Berry
Fuzzybutt is an evil DINOSAUR who originated in...uhh...some dumb secret project.  He is an evil dictator and antagonizes Bowie the Teddy Bear in general alongside his puny friends.  His abilities are more EVILLLLL than Endal's and he can surpass the power of Fandraxono by shouting "DINOSAUR".

Game Appearances


Fuzzybutt was born from an apple tree, being the last one to drop off before winter. He was originally a red DINOSAUR, disguised with the apples, but turned into a green DINOSAUR when Endal met him not very long later. Endal threatened to kill Fuzzybutt, but the DINOSAUR rushed forward at this pathetic donkey and thrusted him into the ground with a cry of "DINOSAUR!".

Afterwards, he did a super evil laugh, then took down the apple tree he grew on, then made several thousand comrades through the apples, telling all his older siblings to antagonize everyone in the Stitchonia galaxy with music notes and extremely annoying mentions of "DEEZ NUTS" thanks to his incredible access to the internet.

Years have passed, and Fuzzybutt eventually met Bowie, who killed him easily with his earthshaking powers. Fuzzybutt disliked death, and rose out of his grave when the term "DINOSAUR" was mentioned on the other side of the galaxy, and he was evil, his eyes were bloodshot, and they were scarier than your high school diploma.

He went after Bowie later on, and almost killed him when his DINOSAUR self told him to disappear. And LOL! he disappeared into the ground, never to be seen for a very, very long time, longer than the time it takes to reach three o'clock in your school...

He was revived by himself to DINOSAUR


As a special green DINOSAUR, Fuzzybutt can run around and crush things with his normally heavy body. When he stares at someone, they become paralyzed, then he kills them with eye lasers...special, green DINOSAUR lasers. If someone mirrored his eye lasers, they will not work on him, as he is invincible to eye lasers. Fuzzybutt can kill people with his tail, which he claims to be cute and DINOSAUR perfect.


Fuzzybutt is both the greatest DINOSAUR and the wors- I mean most powerful DINOSAUR ever in terms of personality. He is very cute and usually silent, but when the time comes for him to speak, he speaks "DINOSAUR" or his iconic catchphrase "I AM DINOSAUR". If he says the latter, he kills whoever was directly looking at his eyes. He does not affiliate himself with any villains as he once said "DINOSAUR AM DINOSAUR" (translation: villains suck).  This personality is better than that John Cena stuff or that bag of Cheetos you're holding in your hand right now.

Relationships with other characters


Fuzzybutt does not see Endal as a DINOSAUR, so he always tries to kill him whenever he has the chance.


Bowie is not a DINOSAUR either, so Fuzzybutt gets mad every time he sees Bowie.

Uncle Moo

Fuzzybutt likes this recolor because he's an actually good recolor.  It's the only thing he seems to deem worthy of being close to DINOSAUR, although he still finds himself the best.



  • HE IS DINOSAUR and the only one in the Zaxinian Lifts.
  • He rivals Yotam for being the best DINOSAUR.