Fuzzy Puzzle - The Ancient Relic
Fuzzy Puzzle
Developer(s) Kirbybot-3000
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Fuzzy Puzzle-The Ancient Relic is a new game for the New Nintendo 3DS. The game will feature only one amiibo.

About Edit

This game was made for the Random Game Challenge, and is currently in first place.

Story Edit

On a fine day, a little blue thing named Fuzzo, was taking a nap under the deep, dark shade of a lemon tree. A lemon eventually falls on his head. He really likes them, so he goes up into this tree to eat the lemons in the lemon tree. One of the lemons he bit into was really hard, like a rock. When observing the rock lemon, a bunch of monsters chased after him. They were trying to find a lemon shaped relic that could hold a power strong enough to rule the world. Fuzzo decides to not only keep the relic with him, but also defeat their leader! And so, Fuzzo readies off for an amazing adventure!

Characters Edit

Image Name Description
Fuzzo This little blue thing has to bring the relic back to where it was created. He also might as well stop an almighty evil chaos god and his army.
Flower Boy
Flower Boy This guy is very helpful. He can give you tips for levels, and cn give you bonuses when you find him.


Image Name Description First Stage
Slobber The most basic Slobber slime. This one will sometime move a tile in any direction. Mellow Meadow - Stage 2
Sun Seed
Sun Seed These seeds don't move in any compass direction, but will float up and down in narrow paths. Try to go under them. Mellow Meadow -Stage 4