'after obtaining the national pokédex and visited to Silver Mountain 'you go to Jade Forest for Celebi encunter and scare in the Kanto area (it is a runaway Pokemon!)

Celebi BS


after capture Celebi go back into the Jade Forest near the big tree in autumn colors

'Then an event will occur, Celebi will take you back in time and send you 3 years later in Mount Silver'you find yourself at the top of the mountain (similar to Pokemon Heartgold / Soulsilver) and you meet you (finally player 3 years later) and you start a battle against the player in the future
Future Heros
Charizard BS Charizard level 84 Blastoise BS Blastoise level 84 Venusaur Venusaur level 84
Pikachu BS Pikachu level 88 Snorlax bs Snorlax level 86 Laprass Lapras level 80


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