Future Freestyle
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Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Race-off, Multi-player, Wi-Fi Freestyle
Genre(s) Racing
Series Future Freestyle
Predecessor None
Successor Future Freestyle: Gravity unlocked
Media Included Wii U disk
Future Freestyle is a racing game for the Wii U . It is a futuristic racing game based in Lugalia. There are three types of vehicle, Hoverboards, Airters and Gyros. Each character specialises in one of those vehicles.


Image Name Vehicle Type of Vehicle Special Boost Top Stat
Mach Mach Pheonix Hoverboard Mach Speed Speed
Hawk Hawk Dragon Airter Hawk Dive Skill
Lirez Frozen Pheonix Gyro Scorching Ice Power
Krion Turbo Dragon Hoverboard Turbo Boost Skill
Prof. Alkano Robot Wheel Airter Robo-Rocket Skill
Alpha-Droid The Mech Gyro Mech Spin Power
Omega-Bot Plasma Racer Gyro Plasma Go! Speed
Pyron Volcano Board Hoverboard Eruption Skill
Alstati Drift Mobile Airter Drift Flip Power
Swiften Swift Mover Airter Swift Send Speed
Power Master" Power Beast Gyro Beast Unleash Power
Speed Master" Speed Machine Hoverboard Master Accelerate Speed
Grand Racer" Golden Dragon Any Grand Boost All-Around
Master Racer" Golden Pheonix Any Master Boost All-Around

"=Unlockable Character

Unlockable Character

Character How to Unlock
Power Master Win the Racer Cup in Story Mode
Speed Master Win the Trickster Cup in Story Mode
Grand Racer Win the Dash Cup in Story Mode
Master Racer Win the Final Cup in Story Mode


Racer Cup Trickster Cup Dash Cup Final Cup
Alkano's Factory Alpha Droid's Upgrade Room Omega-Bot's Arena Master Road
Pyron Volcano Alstati Stunt Park Krion's Archery Mach's Training Ground
Swiften Arena Lirez Island Hawk's Dojo Lugalia City
Power Track Speed Circuit Grand Park Space Race