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Futurama: Season 9 started on November 1st 2015 because people were complaining they have nothing to watch, so they started Season 9, releasing 2 games and 4 movies with it.


EPISODE 1 - Fry, Fry, Fry

Fry comes across a machine he uses to clone himself and take over earth

Airdate: November 1st 2015

EPISODE 2 - Mafia Rules

The Robot Mafia kidnaps the Professer and Bender falls in love with Leela

Airdate: November 8th 2015

EPISODE 3 - Beer without Bender

Bender is forced to become Sober when Mom makes a new beer which kills Robots

Airdate: November 15th 2015

EPISODE 4 - Fry & Leela's Big Score

Fry & Leela get Married, while Bender attempts to kill Zoidberg

Airdate: November 22th 2015

EPISODE 5 - Zoidberg with a 0

When Zoidberg dies, he posseses Amy

Airdate: November 29th 2015

EPISODE 6 - Back to the Fry Man

Fry becomes an billionare

Airdate: December 6th 2015

EPISODE 7 - The Winter of Leela

Leela turns to ice

Airdate: December 13th 2015



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