Fusion System
The Fusion System.
Location Type Solar System

The Fusion System is a galaxy in the Fantendoverse extremely similar to the Solar System in which certain events happen, which creates a nearly apocalyptic future for the galaxy's Earth, and other planets appear within millions and millions of years. It's the galaxy where series such as Ella Metals, Robo Madness and Teardrop take place.


  • 2000 BC - The meteor crashes into VineVille.
  • 1969 - Donny Metals and Daisy Iron are born.
  • 1983 - VineVillian government ban power use. Donny changes his name to Donny Parkinson, and Daisy to Daisy Higginbottom. This same year, they marry and use the collective name Metals.
  • 1984 - Leila Metals is born.
  • 1991 - Ella Metals is born.
  • 2003 - The Wright Sisters are born.
  • 2011 - Benjiman Metals is born.
  • 2011 - The biggest crimewave in VineVille happens, and Ella Metals and her friends have to solve it.
  • 2012 - Raven Industries opens a branch in VineVille. Soon, after the workers protest for their low pay, the robots start attacking VineVille.
  • 2012 - Far away, The Surge happens, as do the events of The Factor.
  • 2013 - In one of the last Raven Industries factories remaining, Scoutry escapes and tries to find it's way through VineVille. Scoutry is lost for several years.
  • 2014 - A giant game of chess occurs in all of VineVille in the events of Ella-Metals 3.
  • 2015 - Ella meets Strafe and starts a relationship with him.
  • 2015 - Elizabeth Pasta is born. Andy An Lexi marry somewhere before.
  • 2017 - A vortex appears in VineVille, from which grey waves start appearing and freezing everything in time.
  • ???? - Ella starts traveling in Wally's ship to find Strafe.
  • ???? - Ella's journey ends and she marries Strafe. She, him, Scoutry and Marcus cross a vortex onto the future.
  • 2021 - The Wright Sisters retire their VineVillian protector state after 4 years.
  • 2134 - The events of Kaisser (Game) takes place.
  • 2135 - The events of Fallen Crest take place.
  • 3423 - Hundreds of years later, Earth becomes heavily polluted and toxic, having a gas smoke layer covering everything.
  • 3444 - The gods choose to punish humans for the contamination, and flood the entire planet.
  • ???? - Luceros and Crepulis are created.
  • ???? - Ancient Oceanians start traveling above water, and create Atlantica. However, Jesters soon appear, and the land is divided in two countries: Atlantica and Ignitia.
  • ???? - Atlantica starts trading with Flash. Soon, tons of Flashes move onto Atlantica territory.
  • ???? - The Inbetween War starts.
  • ???? - Jesters migrate to Atlantica, but are soon taken out by the Blue Keepers.
  • ???? - The Inbetween War ends.
  • ???? - The dark period, in which thousands of innocent lives were lost, happens.
  • ???? - Industrial revolution.
  • 7218 - Teardrop Seaside is born from the Gods' Water.
  • 7223 - Teardrop, 5 years old, is separated from his sister and loses his memory.
  • 7235 - The Jesters try to conquer Atlantica, leading to the events of Teardrop and the Sacred Flames.
  • 7235 - Teardrop creates the Knights of Atlantica and is promoted to their captain.
  • 7236 - Regal and Xarz are created.
  • 7237 - The sea starts to freeze, leading to the events of both Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea and Atlantica Defenders.
  • 7237 - Melice and Maal are created.
  • 7238 - Scyplo and Betolpy are created, the latter stoling a cloning technology, leading to the events of Robo Madness.
  • 7238 - Cheepel is created.
  • 7239 - Elfain develops a time-travel technology, which she and Teardrop test. A vortex opens in both the past, the future and the present, leading to the events of Fantendo - The Wounds of Time.
  • ???? - Ella, Strafe, Marcus and Scoutry cross the vortex to Atlantica.
  • ???? - Ella and Strafe adopt Marcus and get a house near the beach. Scoutry now lives with Teardrop, as a friend and assistant.
  • 7245 - Keizitt searches for revenge and lies to the gods, leading to the events of Teardrop 3: Pollution.
  • 7245 - Teardrop starts to date with Elfain.
  • 7246 - Ritvert Seaside is born. Athene Metals is born.
  • 7253 - The events of Ella-Metals 4 takes places, Athene is 7 and Marcus is 15.
  • 7260 - The events of Teardrop: Forgotten Desire take place.
  • 7262 - The events of Teardrop: Underwater Relic take place.
  • 7264 - The events of Teardrop: Stratosball happen.
  • 7264 - Strafe leaves Atlantica to go back to Noah, leaving Ella and family.
  • 7265 - The events of Teardrop: Broken Clock take place.
  • 7281 - Strafe dies.

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