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Fusion Suit Samus is the alternate suit she gained first in Metroid Fusion; it has since appeared in many fan games.

Super Smash Bros. Theta

Samus' Fusion variant appears in Smash Theta, replacing the usual mainstay Power Suit variation.

Pallete Swaps
  • Blue: Basic; From Metroid Fusion.
  • Red: Resembles the Phazon Suit from Prime 1.
  • Purple: Inspired by the Gravity Suit from Fusion
  • Yellow: Varia Suit from Fusion.
  • Orange: Power Suit from Fusion.
  • Green: Inspiration Unknown.
  • White: Resembles the silver-and-white Light Suit from Prime 2.
  • B: Beam Shot. Fires a fully upgraded beam similar to Other M's beam.
  • Side B: Ice Missile. Shoots a chargeable missile that leaves a freezing effect in wake of its explosion.
  • Up B: Shinespark. Rushes upward, similar to Fire Wolf.
  • Down B: Power Bomb. Unleashes a powerful explosion, damaging all foes in range. Needs to recharge over time.
  • Final Smash: Hyper Beam. Similar to Zero Laser, except Samus doesn't transform into Zero Suit Samus.


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