Fusion Studios
Official Logo
Type of Company Game Developer
Founder(s) MrDjThompson (tbc)
Founded at/in November 23rd, 2014
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Owner(s) Pyrostar (tbc)
Fate closed and adopted

Fusion Studios was a former video game company founded by MrDjThompson on November 23rd, 2014 and then closed down on July 18, 2015. It's former headquarters is at Chicago, Illinois.

It was adopted by Pyro Enterprises on May 29th, 2016 and made a subsidiary of the company, with most assets becoming a part of Pyro Enterprises's lineup.

Titles Edit


Workers Description Release Date Systems
Kai The Knight



An Metroid-vania Sidescrolling platformer with 8-bit graphics TBA

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, PS Vita, Pyrohedron





Crimson the Fandraxonian


An Team based, Multiplayer, First-person shooter TBA PC, PS4, Xbox One, The Newt
Super Mario Galaxy: Fawful's Frontier



A sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2016 Wii U
Sonic Infinity


A new entry in the Sonic series 2015 PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, The Newt, 3DS, and Vita
Tomodachi World


The sequel to the quirky simulation game, Tomodachi Life TBA Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. Maverick


The next entry in the SSB series TBA Wii U, Nintendo 3DS


You may only join the company if you ask in the comments first, or if you contact MrDjThompson / Lumogo in any other way!

Name Position Description Join Date First Title

Current Owner


Owner of Pyro Enterprises May 29th, 2016 TBA



Former Owner

An anime and video game nerd who does nothing but develop video games November 23rd, 2014 TBA



If you like games, you like games, yay! November 26, 2014 TBA



A video game nerd since he was 7. He always wanted to make video games, he also owns a company called wowimjarredco November 24, 2014 TBA
CSketch Employee


Just a random kid with an enormous imagination, like seriously that thing is huge, too bad he's lazy as hell, however if he comes up with a very good idea he will work on it for sure.... maybe. November 24, 2014 TBA
Crimson the Fandraxonian Employee A nerd that came from the corners of the Underworld. He likes to create stuff, although he's lost some interest in it. Some of it. December 7, 2014 TBA
TerrariaBoss Employee TBA November 26, 2014 TBA
SuperSonicDarkness Artist TBA December 9, 2014 TBA
ShadeTheNarwhal Employee


He is really imaginative and he is also a huge video game fan. January 1, 2015 TBA
Shy guy yellow Employee Your fate is to be destroyed. Why don't you just accept that, lie down and die! January 4, 2015 TBA
CrunchyTommy Employee Im a big dickhead Im just a average user here, I used to be a dickhead normal user named meme the fox but then I became a dickhead normal user named CrunchyTommy January 15, 2015 TBA


  • Founder - Can change rules freely, can fire employees and administrators
  • Administrator - Can change rules with permission, can remove employees
  • Employee - Develop games for the company
  • Artist - Draw concept art for the company

Rules Edit

  1. Be nice to each other. Constructive critcism is always welcome, but don't intentionally be mean.
  2. No begging for promotion.
  3. You must create at least one article per month for the company or you will be removed.
  4. Listen to the admins and founder.
  5. Be logical.
  6. Any page created by Fusion Studios can be edited by any of the members, but the staff and original poster have the final word.

Affiliates Edit