Fusion RPG is a crossover mascot turn based RPG starring some of Fusion Entertainment's star characters. It was released in 2011 for the Nintendo DS.



The gameplay is similar to the turn based RPG system of the Ella Metals fame. It uses 2D sprites. You can control one if the four characters and you will start a battle with them inside battle.

There are 4 bonus minigames for the DS which can be unlocked after playing them in Story Mode. One based off each series, as well as wireless battles with friends, these can also be played via multiplayer.


  • Teardrop Seaside - A heroic loveable Oceanianic bookworm is the leader of the pack. He is the fastest of the pack.
  • Ella Metals - The protector of VineVille, the metal bending girl Ella Metals can pack some power. Ella is the most skilled in the pack, obviously.
  • Scyplo - A multifunctining robot who likes to protect his friends gladly, he is the most defensive.
  • Scoutry - A unique Scouter Drone which supposedly went rogue. He is Teardrop's assistant at his library and focuses mostly on offensive combat. He is the most offensive of the quartet.


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