List of quotes in Fusion Fighters.


  • Before Battle Quote - "I won't go down easily. Remember it."
  • Win Quote - "Victory is mine now!"
  • Defeat Quote - "U-Ugh! Fine, you win this time."


  • Before Battle Quote - "You are dead now!"
  • Win Quote - "Hah... you coulnd't stand a chance."
  • Defeat Quote - "...H-How...?"


  • Before Battle Quote - "I will do my best."
  • Win Quote - "Yes! I knew that I could win!"
  • Defeat Quote - "I think I haven't got that much practice...."


  • Before Battle Quote - "My research tells me one thing... I will win for sure."
  • Win Quote - "My research haven't failed me, as it seems."
  • Defeat Quote - "Ah! How could I fail..."


  • Before Battle Quote - "I can do it!"
  • Win Quote - "Whew... I won."
  • Defeat Quote - "Where did I go wrong?"


  • Before Battle Quote - "Try besting my fire skills!"
  • Win Quote - "So? Do you still think you can defeat me?"
  • Defeat Quote - "I-Impossible!"

Dashed Koopa

  • Before Battle Quote - "Here it goes!"
  • Win Quote - "It went nicely."
  • Defeat Quote - "How could you bypass my defence?"


  • Before Battle Quote - "You are going to be crushed. Don't take it personally."
  • Win Quote - "I am simply the best."
  • Defeat Quote - "Truly impressive..."


  • Before Battle Quote - "I don't look like it, but i am pretty strong. Prepare yourself!"
  • Win Quote - "Woah! I did it!"
  • Defeat Quote - "Agh! It seems like you are stronger."


  • Before Battle Qoute - "I don't really like violence, but..."
  • Win Qoute - "Wait, how i did it...?"
  • Defeat Quote - "I knew it..."

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