Fusion Eternity is a new handheld console, created by Tenshi, president of Project Eternity. With capacities from many consoles, Fusion Eternity is the successor of Element Alpha.                                         

Fusion Eternity
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Product Family Project Eternity Consoles
Console Type Handheld Console
Release Date(s)
Media Animes


Predecessor Element Alpha
Successor N/A

Fusion Eternity Apps

Here is the list of applications, from Fusion Eternity :

  • Fusion Photo
  • Fusion Music
  • Eternity E-Shop
  • Fusion Videos
  • Nintendo Watches
  • Fusion Avatar Factory
  • Avatars Plaza
  • Fusion City
  • Fusion Net
  • Fusion Mails Box
  • Eternity Online
    • Alpha E-Books
    • Alpha Episodes
  • SEGA Cartoons
  • Nintendo Cartoons
  • Friends Mode
  • Nintendo News
    • Nintendo Direct Channel
  • Fusion Chat
  • Project Eternity News

Downloadable Apps

Here is the list of the downloadable Applications from Fusion Eternity:

  • Skype (Free)
  • Youtube (Free)
  • Fun Rooms Maker* ($0.50)
  • BoB Store ($0.50)
  • Purity's Tears Store ($0.30**)
  • Hanah's Special Store (Free***)
  • Virtual Game Trial ($0.50)
  • Spotify (Free)
  • Amiibo Land (Free)

* Fun Rooms Maker is a application, similar to Disney Infinity but without the figurines, it's able to the player to make a room with many accessories, to finally done maybe a forest, a house...etc. The game is only playable with the Alpha Avatar, who can be make & customized with the Alpha Avatars Factory.''
** The Purity's Tears Store have the special cost of $0.30 for the release of the 1st game & episode of Purity's Tears : Cruxem Lux, after 4 weeks, the price will be $0.50''
*** Hanah's Special Store is Free for 1 month, for the special release of Project Eternity's new mascot, with the same name of the Store : Hanah.'


Series - Cartoons


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