The Fuse Troupe is a team of many characters in the Blendaverse consisting of supposedly "unique" individuals. An unspoken agreement joins all of them with the team controlled by absolutely no one and it has no rules at all. Not all members necessarily come from Earth, and they do not all have the same intentions.


There are currently 19 members of the Fuse Troupe.


  • The members of the team were all taken from the Free to use Characters category on Fantendo. The versions of the characters linked here are the original versions of the characters; however, the Blendaverse versions of these characters may be altered.
    • If one of your characters is listed as a member of the team and you would not like him/her to be there, you may request in the comments section if you would like it removed.
  • The name of the team comes from a combination of the words "Free" and "Use" into the word "Fuse" and Tap Troupe, a rhythm game from Rhythm Heaven Fever.

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