Funko POP! is a line of vinyl figures that have become popular in recent years. These figures have many licenced franchises from Sesame Street to SAW. These figures normally have large square heads, with tiny bodies as well as black, beady eyes. These figures also often lack noses and mouths. They have been known for their collectability.



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Figure Info

Aaron Rogers Funko Pop

Aaron Rogers

A quarterback who plays for the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rogers comes with a football in his hand and a helmet that you can remove.

Admiral Ackbar Funko Pop

Admiral Ackbar

A veteran commander in the Clone Wars, in which he defended his home planet. Admiral Ackbar's head is different from that of a normal Funko POP! figure. He also has a base that he stands on.

Agent Carter Funko Pop

Agent Carter

A secret agent fighting against atomic threats that have arisen after World War II. She wears a hat, and appears to be holding a tea kettle. She also has eyebrows and a nose, which are uncommon for Funko figures.

Alice Funko Pop


A little girl who fell asleep and had the weirdest acid trip of a dream ever. This figure is smaller than the other figures and she wears a bow on her head.

Assasin's Creed - Altair Funko Pop


An assassin who lived in the far past. He has a hood over his head and also wields a knife.

Arkum Asylum - Batman Funko Pop

Arkum Asylum - Batman

The design of Batman in Arkum Asylum. He has a mask. Also abs. Incredible abs.

Colossal Titan Funko Pop

Colossal Titan

A monster from Attack on Titan. This character is six inches, much taller than the other figures. He lives up to his name.

Greg Jenko Funko Pop

Greg Jenko

An undercover cop posing as a high schooler. He has a gun in his hand.


Figure Info

Unten Funko Pop


A blue beorn who is perhaps the Fantendoverse's biggest hero. He comes with a scarf and ears on the top of his head.

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