The Fungi Town Market is a visitable location featured in Fungi Town during the events of Mario & Luigi: Powered Up. It is recognizable as the only place in the game where Pills and Herbs can be bought, at the Medicine Shop, as well as having many promotions throughout the game. Although the market is small at the begining of the game, it continues to grow until it is completed 100%, mostly due to the discovery of many Herbs.

Shops and Kiosks

Commonplace Shoppe

This store is similiar to other item stores in the game, featuring Mushrooms, Syrups and Nuts as main items.

  • Mushrooms
    • Mushroom: 10 coins
    • Super Mushroom: 20 coins
    • Ultra Mushrooms: 75 coins
    • Golden Mushroom: 300 coins
  • Syrups
    • Syrup: 10 coins
    • Super Syrup: 40 coins
    • Ultra Syrup: 100 coins
  • Nuts
    • Nut: 20 coins
    • Super Nut: 50 coins
    • Ultra Nut: 150 coins


  • Fungi Town Market and Temple Tiilou are the only indoor locations that feature their own Warp Hubs.
    • Fungi Town Market is also the only location where the Warp Hub cannot be unlocked from the first visit, not counting Dry Desset's Warp Station, which requires backtracking within the area to unlock.

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