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Fun House

Fun House, known in western and other territories as Funhouse, is an animated television show written, directed, produced and released by Illusion Works in partnership with Warner Bros. to air on Comedy Central and to be released onto the Pacifico, with weekly episodes being posted during summer 2016. It features a group of Misfits from the Ziama Prime universe, and is primarily used to support character development and growth within the universe, as some characters are less developed than others. It also helps to introduce new characters into the universe without the need of a separate project being created. 

The series has a lot of different plot lines running at the same time in the show. For example, the first episode focuses on the cast from Diamond Days on the aftermath of those events, whereas some of the following episodes focus on Aruna and some other newer characters as they try to find their place within the Ziama Prime universe.

After the series' premier, the series was made non-canon by the universe creator for the time being, because the events seem really scattered and random in the timeline. It was then decided the series would take place in an alternate timeline where all the characters of the current Ziama Prime universe had settled down for "normal" lives.

The show currently hosts one season, with a slight possibility of a second and third season depending on accuracy and the reception of the first season once it has concluded. It was later stated that there wouldn't be any follow up seasons, and that a new series would take over since Fun House became non-canon.


Main Cast:

Supporting Cast:


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Episode Guide

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date
01 01 Crooks and Ladders July ??, 2016.
After the events of Diamond Days, the university students are left with an anonymous message from a stranger who claims to know their secret...
02 02 A Past Life July ??, 2016.
Aruna moves into her new apartment, but feels lonely as this is the first time she has lived by herself without anyone else's company. She looks around the apartment block until she meets Ryoko, another new resident in the apartment block. However, this Ryoko person may not be all that she seems...
03 03 Torches and Flares July ??, 2016.
Ramsay, Mischa and Osias prepare themselves for a new adventure. Erisi debates on joining them but has mixed feelings. Liana begins to assemble together a plan to find out who the stranger is.
04 04 Time to Think and Act July ??, 2016.
Liana finally makes a discovery about the stranger with the information about their past. Erisi decides that it's time for her to live in the real world, and decides to move on to a new place and find an ordinary job. 
05 05 Criminals Will Be Criminals TBA.
Nicome starts to go on a crime spree, and while on a mission he encounters a girl named Lecha who shares his desire for corruption and crime. Soon enough, Nicome and Lecha quickly form a friendship and begin to assemble a gang.
06 06 Mystery Without a Cause TBA.
Liana has decided to meet up with an old friend of hers, of who she keeps a secret from everyone else. Aruna begins to notice things going missing from her apartment, which causes tension between her and Ryoko. Erisi begins to struggle to make ends meet.


Fun House has received mixed reception thus far.



  • Fun House is the first show to be created by Solarrion (tbc) with the new cast of characters in his universe.
  • It is also the second television show ever created by Solarrion, with Vermilion Ashes being the first.
  • The original plot of the television show would focus on the serial killers from Hymns of Helios in a mansion shared amongst them. This was later scrapped and replaced with the current theme.


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