Fudo Arana
Fudo Arana
Fudo's Appearnace
Full Name Fudo Tipo Arana
Current Age 25
Gender Male
Species Pyrachnioid
Align Lawful-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Fire Breath

Poison Spit


Height 4.615m
Weight 405kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
 Fudo Arana is a male Pyrachnioid and the currently the only known one to not be highly aggressive. He is married to Azul Arana, his Pyrachnioid mate.


Like all Pyrachnioids Fudo has rather a rather bright-red exoskeleton and eight limbs. In addition he has four yellow eyes and large mandibles. His six arms have three claws on eahc and his feet have to claws. His legs like other Male Pyrachnioids appear segmented with heavily armoured sections allowing him to deal incredibly powerful kicks thanks to compressed air in the armour. He has short red-orange hair with a distinct Pyrachniodian tuft on the front. He wears a sweater with two long sleeves for his top arms and four back short sleeves for his secondary arms which he commonly uses to protect his midsection. He wears specialized pants designed for Male Pyrachniods which have to be crafted by a Pyrachnioid.


Timid and fairly unlikely to fair well in a fight, Fudo has a tendency to rely heavily on Azul's intimdating size to scare off potential threats. Fudo is pretty oblivious to Pyrachnioid culture in general as his mother's nest was destroyed when he was a infant. Fudo does however have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of general technology allowing him to help Azul when they visit Alien Planets while she can help him when confronting other Pyrachnioids. Fudo seems to have trouble expressing his emotions properly to Azul often stuttering and stumbling on the words he means to say, Azul seems to just shrug off his stumbling as playful banter although does try to help him when confronting others.


Fudo like all Pyrachnioids has three distinct abilities. The first is his ability to breathe fire hence the first half of the species name, as a male Pyrachnioid the fire breath that Fudo has is incredibly powerful able to essentially release an inferno of fire although he is limited due to their naturally lower temperature to their female counterparts. Fudo is also able to spit a deadly poison that can paralyze enemies, the poison is said to be incredibly potent and is part of the shine behind Pyrachnioids' exoskeleton. Lastly like all Pyrachnioids, Fudo can shoot a web from a web sac located in his midsection out of his mouth. Unlike female Pyrachnioids, Fudo's web is more equipped to pin a target in place or be used as a physical weapon like a whip or a large ball.


  • Fudo is predominantly red with some blue, the opposite is true for Azul who is predominantly blue with some red
  • Fudo's secondary arms are incredibly powerful despite him seeming to barely use them outside of defense
  • It is unknown where Fudo got his sweater from as Pyrachnioids are one of the largest Arachnid Species in the Universe and are commonly isolated
  • Fudo's legs are incredibly strong as he is able to carry Azul (whom is twice his weight and about 50% longer) than him with ease


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