Fuchsia, a clone in denial.
Full Name Fuchsia
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class Clone
First Appearance Cell Split (first official appearance)

Fuchsia is a clone of the original Fuchsia, who was a siren that was captured by The Company. She first appeared in Cell Split and then made a playable appearance as the main character in Cellstruck. She was meant to appear in the third game as the main character again, but the game has been in development hell for a couple of years.


Fuchsia, despite her name, is a blonde haired woman with a white form-fitting full body suit, somewhat similar to a diver's wet suit called a Controller Suit. The suit has seen a fair amount of upgrades to the design over the course of the series.


Cell SplitEdit




Cell DivisionEdit

Although the game has been through development hell, it is stated that Fuchsia would have found out she was a clone, and most of the bosses and even her friend Dr. Red were clones of the original as well. The game would have ended with Fuschia seeking to find the original Fuchsia. It is unknown how much of this is canon.

Fantendo - RidersEdit

A member of Team Others. Fuchsia was once an average woman who became wrapped up into the Tarantula Project and grew a bond with her Arachnadroid. Fuchsia's wish is to go back to a normal life. Play as Smile 10 times to unlock her.

Fuchsia is a smooth type character. Her X Technique is Acid Web, where her Arachnadroid fires acidic webs everywhere. If drivers drive into the web they'll be caught until the webs burn away.



Dr. RedEdit