FuSiOn MaNiAc XxX is a puzzle game for Hybrid Δ. It's a game which you encounter Fantendo Characters. The goal to complete every level is to destroy all object blocks to find a goal when you control the block player Shovy.

P.S. Feel free to add more helpers and bad helpers!




  • Indigo Guy: Destroys 5 object blocks.
  • Unten: Creates a block ally to help to destroy object blocks.
  • Master Belch: Destroys hazards.
  • Mario: Gives you a gun to be able to destroy object blocks.
  • 3.14: Replaces object blocks to negative.
  • Blackplace: Gives you the ability to pick up object blocks.
  • Builderblocker: Gives you the ability to build solid blocks.

Bad Helpers

  • Impko: Kills you.
  • Netnu: Recreates object blocks which you will take more time to re-destroy them.
  • Ybrik: If you check if you don't destroy all blocks he will go away, if you see you destroyed them he will result to make more than 50 object blocks.
  • Bowser: Makes the goal gone, and teleports to another way.
  • Whiteplace: Loses all your abilites.
  • Destroyerblocker: Turns the solid blocks into object blocks.
  • The End: Gives you a limited time to hurry up.


  • Ally Adder: Adds a new ally.
  • Money: Use it to upgrade your abilities.
  • FuSiOn Coins: Collect more than 100 and you will get a helper or a bad helper.


It's a platform game which you need to destroy first the object blocks before going to the goal. You are Shovy, if you collect 100 FuSiOn Coins it will appear a character to help you or do something bad.


Yvohs has captured all 5 FuSiOn Star pieces, and he build a dungeon of 250 floors, you have to complete 249 floors to get in the final floor to fight him.

Group Floors

GFloor 1: In the first GFloor you will have 5 tutorial floors and 45 infamous levels.

GFloor 2: In the second GFloor you will try to complete these next hard levels.

GFloor 3: In the third GFloor you must be masterful at completing these harder levels.

GFloor 4: In the fourth GFloor you're almost at the final floors.

GFloor 5: In the fifth GFloor you are almost there at Yvohs.

FFloor: It's awaiting you a boss battle.

Cheat Codes

  • COMMANDORE - Gives you a secret item Commandore 64.
  • THEHELL - Gives you 1000 FuSiOn Coins.
  • IAMLOLLER - Gives you a secret item Nintendo 64.
  • TEHKING - Unlocks a secret character Ybrik.
  • IMMAFIRINMAHLAZOR - Unlock the secret level.
  • TABLEOFTHEBEST - Unlocks everything.
  • 6FLOOR - Unlocks the sixth GFloor.
  • HIDDENENDERMAN - All helpers and bad helpers becomes to play as of it.
  • 4.44983483464364396483 - Unlocks a Pi level.

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