Oi, you want ketchup with that? Sorry, we're out, but do you want some of our intestine condiment inst- hey, wait! Where are you going??
Fry Eyes

Fry Eyes
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species None
Location Hisplit; works and sleeps in "Butcher King"
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 7'08"
Weight 326 lbs
First Appearance Unknown

Fry Eyes is is one of sixteen new characters waiting to be introduced in the Mallorian Monarch phase for the Zaxinian Lifts, being part of Athena's 2018 lineup of characters. She is from the same world as Alt. Scotch is, having lost the motivation to be an evil horrifying supernatural beast and retiring from it to become a whole new person entirely: a fry cook. Because of the poor infrastructure of the Hisplit planet and a lack of appetizing food available for her to cook with, she had to forge a lot of her food by using appetizing "skin" for her food and stuffing it up with rotten meat or human guts. She was also in charge of her own restaurant, which was designed for whole families to eat at, and she often wore a (shabby) mascot costume to try and drive more business. She was transported to the canon Zaxinian Lifts via an accident that somehow had Zellen's involvement, and now helps fight Queen Mallory with her half-assed skills. She operates a restaurant in the Mallorian Castle in a "black market" sense -- and it's just as disgusting and putrid as it was in her own home world.

She is an alternative universe counterpart to Black Eyes.


Fry Eyes has yet to make an appearance.

More TBA.


Fry Eyes is an outgoing individual that has an extremely talkative personality, chatting almost all of the time with her customers and friends and being particularly bothersome over the phone. Like her canon universe counterpart, she tends to add a lot of gross-stuff "flavor" to what she says, often going into details about subjects like how human guts taste or how exactly her hot dogs are made in interviews. Her humor sends to be sick and crude as well, but it never heads into dishonest territory nor does she ever intend on harming others (she only teases). She tends to be 100% honest and is full of loyalty, which means that she can keep a secret and always lay the blame on who deserves it, but her honesty has wrecked her reputation (as in, the way she honestly describes her food has resulted in her getting low sales). Unlike Black Eyes, she rarely gets upset because her mind is going too fast to really bother thinking about what was just said to her, but she'll get sad if told to shut up (and will listen).

Her extreme dedication to her being a nice, sensitive person in spite of her gore-filled jokes has made her battered and insane on the inside, causing her to have bad reactions when she is extremely provoked. Her psycho rages, while aren't known nearly as well as Black Eyes' were, are far worse due to her access to extremely hot weapons, which in turn are much more frightening and tough to deal with at one time than Black Eyes' hallucinations. If pushed to a limit, she'll drop her nice personality and behave all macho and tough, and can even get violent -- even towards kids. While she can prove to be a ferocious killer if provoked constantly through a short period of time, she shrinks away if her personality reverts to normal and if she realizes what she's done, and she huddles up in corners to punish herself for her mistakes, refusing anything offered to her. Just play nice with Fry Eyes and she'll play nice with you.


Even though Fry Eyes' business did poorly, she knew how to operate her restaurant and knew how to operate making the food, serving the food, and conversing with customers all at the same time. Her charismatic attitude and (usually) happy nature make her easy to get along with customers. While she is awful at making food, she is great at forging it and making it hard to tell the difference between a real burger and a fake one. In battle, Fry Eyes is equipped with lots of weapons like sharp-edged spatulas and knives, which are often fresh off the grill and ready to stab as well as burn with. Compared to Black Eyes, though, she isn't that great of a fighter and her accuracy has often proved to be incredibly laughable, but she is extremely dangerous when enraged, with all of her attacks having near-perfect accuracy! She can only be stopped by sincerely apologizing and owing for one's mistakes -- or convincing her she was in the wrong.


  • The idea of making an alternative version of Black Eyes into a fry cook was done so to make a variation on the character that would just feel so "wacky" and "completely unforeseen" instead of something serious like how "Alt. Scotch" was -- since Black Eyes was already a serious character.
  • When posing as a mascot, she wears a suit based off of Flare the Teddy Bear from BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami due to them both being cooks.

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