Fruity Beach is the third world in New Super Mario Bros. X-treme. It is beach/water world. Larry and Bowser Jr. are the bosses here.

3-1: Cheep Cheep Ocean

This level will begin in the desert that will continue underwater with all kinds of Cheep Cheeps

3-2: Waterspout Bay

This level has waterspouts and Koopa Troopas

3-3: Huckit Crab Resort

A level with Huckit Crabs and wooden huts.

3-Fortress: Cheepskipper's Submerged Tower

The level is entirely underwater with Fishbones and Torpedo Teds. The boss is Cheepskipper

3-Ghost: The Sunken Ghost Ship

The first ghost level. Boos, Fishbones, and Peepas appear in this underwater level

3-4: Blooper's Sandcastle

This level has Bloopers and Sand Bros.

3-5: Dragoneel Seas

The underwater level has Dragoneels and boulders and a Cheep Chomp.

3-Castle: Larry's Skewer Pillar Castle

The castle of World 3. Spike Pillars. Whomps, and Banzai Bills. The boss is Larry.

3-Airship: The Great Cruise Ship

The first airship level. Mechakoopas, cannons, flamethrowers, Mechacheeps, and bubble jets are in this level. The boss is Bowser Jr.



Cheepskipper will act just like in NSMB but she'll use more Cheep Cheep minions

Larry Koopa

Larry will jump onto a platform and shoot a 2 blue orbs and a red orb. The blue orbs make waterspouts and the red one makes Cheep Cheeps. Larry will jump off the platform and use a bubble cannon with Goombas in them

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. will be in his Clown Car shooting fireballs at you. He will also throw Bombs and fire cannonballs. Hit him on the head 3 times to defeat him.

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