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Fruity and the n64 logo by nintendoofah64-d3hw1xg
Fruity striking a pose next to the Toucan logo in her current appearance.
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Living Town Toco Jungle
Main Weapon(s) Beak
First Appearance Fruity Toucan (SNES) (1995, SNES)
Latest Appearance Fruity Adventure Racing (2013, Wii U)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Flying
It's touCAN, not toucan't!

Fruity is a female toco toucan who appears in the Fruity Toucan series created by Ferrox.


Fruity's plumage is mostly black with a white underside. The tips of her wing feathers are a blue-green and she has a very distinctive yellow beak.


Fruity is very compassionate and understanding and wont hesitate to help anyone in need. She is also very talented with her beak. Fruity is a very skilled bongo player. Fruity is also a bit tomboyish.


Fruity made her debut in Fruity Toucan (SNES) for the Super Nintendo in 1995.

When Fruity was a hatchling she'd always like to go on adventures such as going out of the nest. Now that she's much older and living on her own, she goes on more dangerous adventures, and always has to make sure that King Razorbill doesn't cause any trouble in Toco Jungle.



  • Fruity makes a cameo in Dave's VR Party on the cover of a magazine titled "Feathers only".
  • In Rio (IC), one of Eva's alternate color schemes will make her resemble Fruity.
  • In Dave the Rabbit (game), a Fruity plush can be seen in the main menu.

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