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Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
First Game Fruit Salad
Most Recent Game Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad is an original games series by Sactown Studios, now being worked on by ABlue12. The series mainly spoofs spy series by using cartoon and anime styles of humor. Examples of this include weapons such as cowcatchers, anvils, and explosive hot sauce. All games in the series feature characters from the recently canceled California Chronicles, and human versions of chracters from the California Railroad Series. There has only been one game so far in the series.

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The team takes on wacky quests by the mayor and other innocents, like getting a dog out of a tree, because it was chasing a cat!


Image Name Description First Apperence
Agent Apple Agent Apple Agent Apple is the leader of Team Fruit Salad, and also happens to be the only "normal" member of the team along with Agent Orange. Fruit Salad
Agent Orange Agent Apple's best friend and the smartest member of Team Fruit Salad. Like Agent Apple he is the only "normal" member of Team Fruit Salad! Fruit Salad
Agent Bannana A sneaky character who can get into any building, except his own house, one sneaky member of"Fruit Salad"! Fruit Salad
Agent Green Apple Agent Apple's twin brother, though they look nothing alike,one of the crazy members of"Fruit Salad"! Fruit Salad
Agent Blueberry One of the younger, and faster, members of "Fruit Salad" Fruit Salad
Agent Coconut

One of the stronger characters, who takes an anvil to the head... for exercise, the stronger member of"Fruit Salad"!

Fruit Salad
DennisCSS Dennis TBA Fruit Salad
IsaiahCSS Isaiah TBA Fruit Salad
MayorCSS The Mayor of Sacramento TBA Fruit Salad
ConneryCSS Connery


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Fruit Salad