Frozerade SI
Frozerade's basic appearance
Current Age 22
Date of Birth November 16
Gender Female
Species Roserade
Location Eterna Forest
Current Status Alive
Crimson; Budew; Roselia; Roserade; creatures of Eterna Forest
Main Weapon(s) Toxins
Ability/ies Arms with toxins
Vulnerable To Fire, Rock, Steel, Psychic
Goddess of Eterna Forest
Voice Actor(s)
Kathryn Raio
First Appearance Lucha del Roserade
Frozerade is one of the starred characters of the Crimson the Roserade video game, being the other playable character alongside, appropriately, Crimson the Roserade.  She is a somewhat mischievous but friendly Roserade that is the girlfriend of the aforementioned character.


Its parents were a female Roserade and a male Abomasnow.  The Abomasnow force married the Roserade and created an egg with it.  The Abomasnow assassinated the mother Roserade and left the child to perish in the snow.  The egg eventually hatched and a slightly pale green Budew popped out.  The cold nearly froze it to death, but eventually a Stoutland found and raised it like its own child in the Eterna Forest.  The effects of the cold as an unwanted side effect turned the Budew's skin blue and thrned the tips of the "arms" purple.

When it became a Roselia, the Stoutland let it go into a new school of Roselia and Roserade.  As it grew, it matured, and became an honorable but rather sneaky student at the school.  The way that Stoutland raised the Roselia changed its growth pattern, causing it to almost double in size. When it graduated, it was given a shiny stone and it evolved into a Roserade, except that it was near the size due to the odd raising of Stoutland. Through the meadows of which it lived, it found her future boyfriend, Crimson, and has protected the Eterna Forest of which she lives in alongside him.



Crimson the Roserade (2016 video game)

Withered Roses


While retaining the body of a Roserade (except twice as tall), she has blue skin in place of green and has purple "hands" rather than blue and red.  When she smiles, a fang can be shown on either side of the mouth, hinting to her mischievous nature.


She is often friendly, but sometimes she can be mischievous.  Her duty alongside Crimson matters much to her, and she doesn't want any problems with the Eterna Forest, her home.  Frozerade easily makes friends with people, mostly due to her friendly personality.


Frozerade, unlike most Roserade, has powers of ice.  She can freeze or toxinate enemies, depending on her method of attacking.  Otherwise, she is very athletic and can move with grace and preciseness.



Crimson is her boyfriend and partner in protecting Eterna Forest.  They share very many opinions and sometimes consider marrying each other.



  • She is an Ice/Poison typing, unlike other Roserades, who share a Grass/Poison typing.  She also has blue skin rather than green, and both of her "hands" are purple rather than red and blue.