Frozen Up is the successor to Lurking in the Dark, the story primarily created for Exotoro (tbc)'s "The December Finale Challenge".  The story has a heavy focus on Syi, the predecessor's protagonist, as she slowly walks her way through a Christmas spirited town, only for things to go wrong when she meets someone of similar properties to her.

Le Hook

Looks like things get a bit chilly when Syi and her friends head out to the town acknowledged as Christmas Town, and the winter begins to settle in.  Things seem quite cheery for the three until a scarecrow of properties that are almost identical to Syi's comes up and wreaks havoc, kidnapping of the three, May, and leaving the other two stranded.  They got to find May, and fast!  Moreever, a blizzard will strike the area quite soon...what will be the fate of Syi and her friends?


Image Character Description
Syi by neon Syi

Syi is a live scarecrow who originally lived in the town of Hynau before eventually abandoning the town due to them abusing her status of power in the town - supplying the people within with crops and water.  Her status of uncertainty and her usually self centered antics make it difficult to both talk to her and befriend her.  Despite these traits along with her incredibly low self esteem, she can actually be quite kind and when you do befriend her she's quite nice.

For the majority of Frozen Up, she travels through the Christmas town that is literally named Christmas Town and attempts finding a new place to live after abandoning the people who tried to attack her in the first place.  She desparately tries to defend herself alongside her friends against another scarecrow body, which proves to be quite malicious after Syi denies the fact that he is her son...but who's telling the truth?  No one knows.


Hene is, just like her friend Syi, a live scarecrow, although was originally a human before she was slain and transformed.  She is a flirtateous being who has done much wrong in the past, from killing off the Goddess of Life to impersonate her and use the powers to her will to trying to make Syi, who was actually a former enemy of her, into her servant.  Those plans failed and ever since Syi slain her and transformed her, she decided to befriend her and join her on her quest.

In Frozen Up, she behaves similarly in nature to her previous self, although is more true in feelings and does not attempt to disguise anything from Syi this time.  Her true backstory and natures are revealed in this story, and she proves herself to be a good ally of Syi in any situation, anywhere from helping her plow through the snow to dating her.  I'm not actually kidding she has somewhat of a crush on Syi.


May is a good friend of Syi and helps her and Hene on their travels.  She's a cute little scarecrow who had a crush on both Syi and Hene, and always had trouble choosing between the two.  She originally helped Syi defeat Hene when she was a monster of a deity.

In Frozen Up, she was just kidnapped not long after the story started!  What is her fate?

Scarecrow Kid The bane of Syi's existence and a person who claims constantly, over and over again, to be the child of Syi, although she denies this so much that it has driven him to the point of insanity.  Again and again, he tries to get both Syi and her friends to realize his words, but he fails every time, and does something naughty to attempt to get his way.  As he has no real name, he's just called "scarecrow kid".



It wasn't very long ago when winter began settling into the town of Hynau. I normally wouldn't find this a problem but it doesn't add to my day whatsoever, it feels like another excuse for me to complain about my life. Did I mention my name yet? I'm Syi, Syi the scarecrow, the guardian of Hynau. And because of that status, I have remained alone with little friends, and all the friends I've had either went against me in the end or opposed me overall. I don't know anyone who directly likes me, and having only a tiny handful friends just brings forth that...empty feeling.

I rushed through the darkness of the night, which was a bitter and unwelcoming December 18th. Remember that I said I was a guardian? Well I actually ditched that position a while ago because I was fed up with all the citizens' whiny outbursts and high demands for crops. I was speeding away from the city to search out a new life, alongside my friends May and Hene, whom I recruited not too long ago. Let me tell you a bit about them.

Hene was a Goddess of Life, or so I believed until she let her plan fall in front of me, where she lied and apparently killed off the real Goddess of Life, leaving the world without a goddess in that position when I eventually defeated her. We're friends now because I did some...erm...convincing. May, on the other friend, was a friend I met on the way whilst trying to escape from Hene's dead wrath.

But that wraps up who I have for friends. We all travel, step by step, down a small valley, in hopes of seeking a better future together. The cold weather is far from pleasant but I have no problem walking in the conditions, for my thick clothing allows me to withstand the cold, breezy weather. It wasn't a very long walk, but it was definitely confusing to go through and occasionally we'd walk into trees, it wasn't exactly the most fun experience I've ever had. Well maybe it was because I never got to have much fun in my life anyway, because, at least at my point of view, life is pointless and that there really isn't much point in doing things that are not important. Maybe it's just because I'm a talking scarecrow.

Either way, we eventually arrive in a snowy, blizzard covered town that seems to have most of its building crooked at an awkward angle. The ground was torn up as if an earthquake struck the area not too long ago, and many trees have fallen and in the very center of the half destroyed town was an active Dairy Queen. Not a very impressive village, but the people around seem to be light hearted and not demented like those back in Hynau. Hene and May have apparently never seen a village of such wonders and "delight", as they put it, but I find the Christmas spirit ridiculous. Why do they like Christmas? Who cares for joy when your goals for a better life are actually more mainstream?

Nonetheless we kept walking, and decided to check out the Dairy Queen located at the town's center. Over there, we found an assortment of nice looking treats, but what was unusual were the people running it. Everyone there was wearing a mask of sorts, and when I asked why they were wearing the masks, they simply didn't respond. It made me feel strange and somewhat ignored in a way, but they gave me a free treat, which I couldn't eat anyway because I don't have a stomach to digest it with or a tongue to taste it with. Sad, the life of a stupid scarecrow.

We left the restaurant and continued moving towards the end of town, and eventually I got somewhat dizzy from all the excessively bright lights. I got both Hene and May to retrace their steps and return to the Dairy Queen where I can meet up with them later. I pressed onward, and then sat down on a log, and thought about today's travels, and where I should go next. Out of the blue, I was grabbed by a shoulder, and a mass picked me up from the ground, and rudely asked for my name. I wouldn't talk to a stranger with that tone, so I just didn't say my name, resulting in my body being shaken. When I ran away, it chased after me. The brightness of the lights made it too hard to see the guy's face, and the darkness of the sky made it hard to see his face when I got away from the same lights.

Eventually I sped down an alleyway in the town and hid behind a dumpster, where he continued to chase me. He didn't find me, but started speaking in a friendlier voice where I was. I never answered, and his calls for me went from anger and strength to pure fear, to the point where he ran off whimpering. What was up with that guy? Why'd he grab me and force me to run away, and give up and end up going away, whimpering? I thought I'd be able to get down to the bottom of this but I haven't yet.

I went out of my hiding spot when I heard an ominous breathing sound. I felt it behind me, and when I looked there, my vision suddenly fuzzed out - what seemed to be annoying from noise alone turned out to be sourced from a demon from Hell! Laughing with utter cruelty, it grabbed my shoulders and stared into my eyes, and asked me calmly for my name. He wasn't like that other guy, but this guy sure seemed dangerous for sure! Cackling that I couldn't bring myself to say my name, he simply dragged me out into the city.

Chapter One

I beat my hands against him; I wanted to know who he was and where exactly he was taking me.  First thing I know is that his name doesn't matter, and second thing is that he said that he'll be taking me to the local prison.  Well that was confusing enough on its own, why did he want to take me to prison?  What did I do?  We kept walking across the snowed grounds in the city, and eventually came across a bent, wooden building, standing far above the height of the tallest person in the world.  Even if they had stilts they still couldn't outmatch the height of this prison.  I didn't get to notice any more details because the demon dragged me inside.

I was taken to the fifth floor in the building, exactly where the bend in the building was, and he shut me up inside a cell.  I demanded to know why I was being held there as a prisoner, and what have I done.  He finally responded with, "abandoning your child".  I didn't know what he was talking about, I'm a scarecrow, scarecrows are incapable of having children in any way.  When I tried talking that into him, he said in a low, rough voice "you'd be quite surprised".  Stunned, I just sat there, and he left the room, leaving me to think to myself on the whole matter.

The day became December 19th as I sat alone in the jail cell, and I winced at the thought of having a child.  If I had a child, did I even take good care of it?  My only responsibility was to feed an entire town and I eventually failed at my job, supposedly I starved that child?  But I convinced myself that I didn't have a child, it's too ridiculous of a thought to have.  I sat in the cell and just tried polishing my arms, I wanted to look clean and make it look like I wasn't in this rusty cell at all.  And if they found out I was in a jail cell, would they even be my friends after that?  The idea of being in a jail cell would bring to their thoughts that I am a bad person, although I didn't do anything really to be put in here.

I still felt very confused, but that confusion was interrupted when the hallway door opened, and the sound of wood being dragged across the floor brought my attention.  I didn't get up to look to see exactly what was going on, so I kept sitting on the floor.  As seconds and minutes passed on, I felt a knot inside me, and I started feeling very nervous.  Eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I stood up and peeked past the jail bars and looked in front of me.  I was very close to screaming, a scarecrow of about my size and of similar attributes to me was standing right in front of my cage!  That scarecrow pushed its arms into the cage and grabbed my neck, pulling me closer.

The scarecrow tried pushing me out of the cage towards him, but the bars of the cage were too tight to do anything about, so he picked the lock with one of his twig like fingers, then opened the cell door.  The very first thing I know is that he pulled me into a hug, which I immediately backed away from.  I don't know if I've said it before, but I am not into men.  He came towards me again silently, and when I backed away again, he began sulking.  I didn't care for this person at all so I turned to leave the building, but then he shouted "WAIT" towards me.  I paused and looked at him for what I thought would be the final time.  But he didn't say anything after that, so I just turned and left, and broke out one of the windows, hoping for a soft landing when I fell to the floor.

I'm fortunate that I landed in the snow, which was deep enough to prevent me from hitting the actual ground.  Almost immediately I began shivering, so I went out into the snow and tried to search out the local Dairy Queen for signs of Hene or May.  Unfortunately, the jail must have been on the other side of town, as the Dairy Queen wasn't anywhere nearby, so I tried finding my way there, but got hopelessly lost after half an hour, and I sat on the ground, trying to think of ideas on how to get to my only friends.  The same scarecrow from earlier eventually came along and sat next to me, causing me to shfit my position away from him.  He said that he would be able to direct me to wherever I'm trying to go, and I walked away without even responding.  But eventually he said in a snarky tone that...I probably would just get even more lost, so I hesitated and decided to take his help.

Right after embarking on our supposedly sole travel together, I immediately regretted the decision.  He started talking to me and how things went on with him and how home was like, and how the only person he missed was me.  I didn't understand him, for I have never had a husband and never will, and I never even been in the same place as him before until today.  But he persisted that it happened, which brought worry to his eyes and a soft, saddened expression to his dusty face.  Eventually I got tired of him and I insisted that I can find my way back home, and he responded by tearing up and running away.  It may seem cruel of me to say this, but I was pleased that he ran away, and I continued walking forward.

I guess it wasn't a bad thing that I made him leave, as I eventually found the other side of town.  I had to credit the scarecrow person for actually leading me in the right direction, however.  Regardless, the Dairy Queen was still intact and colorful as ever, and I entered inside it, hoping to find May and Hene inside.  Upon entering, I did find Hene sitting on a stool, but May was missing.  I was extremely alarmed and tried searching all over the place, overturning stools and lifting the counter, but I couldn't find her at all, so I just sat still.  Hene then came up to me and said that she's doing fine, and that she'll return later tonight.

The thing is that she didn't, and I was left upset, and began sleeping on the floor of the restaurant.  I started folding my thoughts into a dream...I dreamt of that same scarecrow, and inside my dream, he pleaded me to stay in town and have him live with me.  I refused at the idea of it, and he just grabbed me and tossed me at the wall, and called me a "good-for-nothing" mother, and started beating me up.  I quickly woke up, and only a few hours have passed since I began sleeping.  Hene teased me and asked if I had a nightmare, and I at first refused to answer, but then I openly shook my head up and down, and she offered to fix my sleeping condition.  I didn't know what to say, but I said yes anyway, and I sat down whilst Hene did only one thing: pulling herself right next to me and sleeping immediately.  I smiled and placed an arm around her, and fell asleep silently.

No nightmares, but I woke up after a heavy wind blew through the restaurant, which barely made me open my eyes.  The shattering of glass make me wake up entirely and look up, that same scarecrow was dumbly leaning over my head!  He pleaded me to have him stay with me and for me to live in this town forever and ever.  It was a ridiculous request so I refused, but he moaned that it was going to be Christmas later or whatever holiday that is and that I should really be around.  I didn't care, so I smacked him across the face.  Bad choice, because he began crying loudly, and started really annoying both of us.  I just tried to sleep through it because I didn't know what to do about him.

December 20th began dawning, and this scarecrow in particular hasn't even said his name, nor mentioned why I'm important, and I have no idea why he wants to spend the holidays with me.  It didn't matter at the moment, but at least he didn't question why I was sleeping on the floor of a restaurant nor did he ask who Hene was.  Speaking of Hene, I really had to find May, her absence yesterday disturbed me and brought me to worry.  As soon as this person hightails it out of here, I can begin searching for May, and perhaps the three of us can figure out where to go next.  Little did we know that it would actually be much more of an exhausting experience than we all anticipated.

Chapter Two

December 20th started out by Hene and I searching out for May in the middle of the night.  Her lack of presence was very troubling...where did she go?  Honestly we've known each other for a very short amount of time and I didn't really want to lose her quite so soon, in fact, she is a very comfortable person to converse with, and even helped protect me from Hene's wrath when she was out of control.  High and low I searched, and the only thing I could even see was the grey of sky and the white of snow...I could hear Hene panting heavily beside me, wanting some air as this searching was beginning to tire her out as well as I.  But I refused to stop until we found May, and she shut up and followed my commands.

The city was actually well lit now, and everyone was out and setting up the town more appropriately for "seasons' greetings" or whatever Hene called them.  The lights...they all disgust me.  Pretty in a way, sure, but I always preferred darker colors and dimmer sights...maybe it's because I'm very used to Hynau's dim lights and dark tinted atmosphere.  But I guess it's a change from home, and the less I can remember the people who "raised" me and "used" me for their crops, the better.  Hene and I continued walking through the streets, and saw items that neither of us have seen before...doughnuts?  What are those?...and stockings, too.  The vibrant lights were in different colors, of green, red and white, and the walls were of a "chocolate brown", as my friend put it.  It all weirded me out, yet it was all strangely...adorable?  I really can't think of the appropriate words.

The search for May continued on.  The Dairy Queen was far behind, and we were left to explore the backside of town, where we approached a graveyard after I stubbed my knee on a tombstone.  All around us were lines of tombstones, but we couldn't even see them until we were very close, or until we brushed our bodies into them.  None of it really brought me to fright, I just kept on pushing to find May, but didn't find her at all.  I must have been tired, as I remember just falling down and resting on the ground again.  Hene just rested at my side, and promised me that we will be eventually able to find May before December 24th.  That did not turn out to be the case, unfortunately.

When I woke up from my sleep, Hene was at my side, but the panic of May being gone and the blazing sun hitting my eyes gave me a bad start to the afternoon.  Hene told me that I overslept and that they really need to move, or May might not exist in the remaining hours.  In a panic, I take Hene over my shoulder and run through the graveyard, finding myself tripping on the grass often, and finding myself knocking over tombstones and turning over other miscellaneous items.  It was a very quick rush, but we had no idea what to do now.  I just kept running until I tired out again, when Hene picked me up and dragged me through the area, which felt delightful except for the times when Hene tripped.

Eventually we sat down to rest, and briefly panicked.  I asked Hene to sit down on a tombstone and tell me a bit about herself - what she's done in her early life, and why she killed the previous God of Life.  Hene was actually very hesitant, and tried to switch to another topic, but I was curious!  I was also curious on why she fell for the butt-trap earlier when were trapped together in a small, parallel dimension.  So I shook her body and told her to tell me the truth, or word about that incident in general will be passed around the world.  She sighed, then told me to sit next to her, and listen to her stories on what happened.  Eager, I sat down and listened to her, and for the sake of me possibly giving off wrong information, I will say what she said in her very own words.

"I was an ordinary human girl born about twenty five years ago.  I lived an ordinary, average life until I turned thirteen, where people poked fun at the fact that I had small breasts.  Never have I liked those people, and never had they liked me.  Why do people care about breasts?  Why did people care about what size they were?  It was really weird things for people to be into, but I just tried to ignore them to the best of my abilities.  I have went through puberty, yes, but it didn't quite come out as far as some other people.  All this anger made me eventually run away from school at one point, and I lived a life of pure thievery, stealing from other people and living off of what comes from their houses.

I never felt bad over this.  Once I spied on a kid who was giving prayers to the Goddess of Life for his sister to be healed well.  A rift opened up and the Goddess of Life came through, and I took the opportunity to go into the rift myself.  I appeared in the Rose Gardens, where you and I met, Syi, and I saw the Goddess' weapon hanging above  her Garden Chair when I eventually reached that area.  When I grabbed ahold of her weapon, she came back into her realm, and before she could even see me I skewered the weapon right through her head.  So what if she couldn't care for those people?  I'd do it myself, and I'd do a better job than her, and I would have made sure everyone had a good, healthy life.  Little did I know that I would soon lie to myself.

I did my job fairly decently for about ten years, then I started feeling lonely, and felt desparate to have someone else at my side, helping me out.  But I also wanted a, more than a friend, and when you attempted suiciding, I led you into my realm.  I was intending to make you my assistant, and when I got way out of whack and when you refused to help me or become my girlfriend, I attacked, and all the attacks were out of absolute rage over the years of life and how unfair it's been to me.  When you persuaded me to let you two back up, I was happy...I thought things were going my way.  I took it into consideration because all I wanted in my life was nothing more than the speck of love, but I overestimated what luck was supposed to be.  But when you killed me, you taught me that not everything in life was fair.  I just joined you in your travels because I'm interested in your goals."

With all this being said, I really pitied her.  All she wanted in life was love, never got it, and was brutally punished for it all instead.  I never felt bad for her when we were in the Rose Gardens, but she seems to be over those dumb and obnoxious phases.  After the half hour conversation, I looked into her eyes slowly, and she did the exact same thing back.  Eventually, I reached out to put my arm around her neck, and pulled her close for a hug.  You know, when you have friends that do something stupid, that shouldn't make you hate them forever.  Everyone makes mistakes, and Hene really is no exception.  But I accepted her apologies, and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, and told her to have a Merry Christmas or whatever.  Well it's only December 20th but still.

We had to place all our concentration into finding May now.  If we don't find May, it's one less person to be able to laugh and have great times with.  We instantly got up and went, and Hene went at full speed, with a stunning determination that I almost immediately admired.  Her face shone with brightness and delight, and she searched all around for May's location.  The search will obviously be tough, but we're pretty good friends, we'll find her, right?  Suddenly, our search was halted - at the very end of the graveyard, that stubborn male scarecrow was right at the end of the field, and he was running right towards me.

Chapter Three

That same scarecrow, the same dreaded one, came running my direction. He was awkwardly smiling when he ran up to me and gave me a hug. I didn't shrug him off like last time because I was getting tired of things working out dumbly every single time. He then told me that he stole my friend as "revenge", which is exactly when I pushed him away out of alarm. Angrily, I shook him and asked him where she was, and he told me that he wasn't going to tell until I admitted that he was my child. I didn't have a child, so I refused to admit it because it was just total bull. Darkly, he turned away from me, and told me that not everything is what it seems, and told me to rethink my answer. I still said no. So smiling, he walked off into the darkness, and he held a chainsaw in his hands, turning it on to catch me off guard.

I started immediately chasing him as did Hene. He was really fast, but he seemed to not note that we were following him quite so quickly. As we were running, the morning sunk into afternoon, and the snow cleared away to reveal the sunshine, blinding my eyes as well as Hene's. We couldn't see where we were going and we eventually smashed into trees and lost sight of him. Hene got up quickly and sped after him again, as did I, but as he was no longer visible, we were pretty much just blindly running at this point. Eventually we managed to run into town, which had its lights off as the sun was out from the clouds again. The two of us split up to find May or the scarecrow kid, although none of us had managed to have any success after four or so hours. We met up again at the Dairy Queen location and tried to imagine where the kid might have went.

As night came by, we gave up entirely, and assumed May was killed and that the scarecrow kid got away with it. We sat at the Dairy Queen and stole a few sundaes although it was obvious we weren't going to eat them, I mean, we're scarecrows we shouldn't be able to do that. I sighed at how I was going to be more alone without a good friend like May on my team, although Hene tried cheering me up by affectionately hugging me or by attempting to tell me that everything was all right. I just stared at her, and told her out of exhaustion that we weren't likely to see May again and that we'd be more alone. She shrugged and placed her hands through my hair and stroked my head, and said that for the rest of her life that she would stay at my side and help me get through the tougher times. I told her that she didn't need to, but she just picked me up and cradled me in her arms. If she were that Goddess of Life that she was faking earlier, I would have immediately gotten out of this grasp, but I stayed because it felt nice.

Slowly, I closed my eyes and just let her move me back and forth, and kept thinking about May. Even though we probably lost her, I doubted that she was dead, and I thought that she was around somewhere, just as a captive of that stupid scarecrow kid. I feared that the scarecrow kid is my child, he acts lost and me. But how do I have children? At all? I turned over more in Hene's arms, and she smiles and rolls me around in her hands, again and again. I opened my eyes and looked straight at Hene's face, and told her that first thing tomorrow, we'll be finding that kid. She didn't mind the idea, and started rubbing my supposed stomach area, and I placed my hands around her back and held myself against her. If I don't find May, at least I'll have a great friend like Hene to help take care of me.  I opened my eyes, and sat up straight, and looked at Hene in the eyes, and she did the same.  We weren't going to kiss or anything, but we just looked at each other long in the eyes, and didn't stop until the restaurant door was kicked open, by the scarecrow kid again!

Immediately I asked him how he kept managing to find us, and he responds with the fact that this is the only place where I go to discuss plans with my friends.  He also told me that May was alive and well but that he will still not reveal her position until I use my last chance to admit that he is my child and additionally when I apologize to him for doubting.  I thought in silence for a second, but then Hene got up, unintentionally knocking me over, and went to the kid and told him that he was going to make him pay dearly if he didn't reveal May's location immediately.  There was about a fifteen minute pause immediately afterward, everyone stopped moving, and the only sounds that could be heard were breathing and the beautiful, yet silent moments of anxiety.  Eventually the kid started moving and scratched Hene in her stomach area, forming a wound in her wooden body, and left the room, leaving us to chase him.  I picked up Hene in my arms immediately and began chasing the wretched kid.

I dashed right out of the Dairy Queen and knocked a lot of people out of my way who were going through the streets, and kept my eye out for the scarecrow kid.  I kept chasing him, going left and right and left again, and I eventually managed to track him down all the way down at the sewage area of the city, which he climbed into.  I at least knew a better place to search than the city itself, and I set Hene down, and hugged her tight, and told her that I was going to go into the sewers.  Hene grabbed me by my clothing and pulled me closer to her, and told me that I was not going to go down there without her assistance.  I told her that she had a wound, and that she shouldn't get it infected by whatever might lurk down there that isn't the kid.  She responded by getting up and going down the manhole herself, expecting me to follow, which I certainly did.

The first thing that I could ask her was if she was insane for making this choice, and she told me that if I was insane enough to attempt suicide before and that if I was insane enough to jump out from the Rose Garden to the grounds of Hynau, then she's no different.  I thought of those darker times and I nodded that this really wasn't a change, and I said that I believed in her, to which she smiles and motions for me to follow her to find the scarecrow kid, to which I agree, and began following her at a very quick pace.  The harmful water hurt me a bit as well as Hene, but it wasn't our injuries that were our priority as it was May.  We kept going through the terrible odor of the sewage and the overall disgusting shape of the place but it was all worth it as we eventually managed to drop into a room where the kid was at.  May wasn't in sight but that was going to change very soon.

The kid was actually quite surprised, and asked how on earth we managed to get to his place without any tutorials or anything like that, and I responded that we just followed him through these straightforward sewage tunnels.  Shocked, he told me that I had one more chance, and he pulled a rope from the ceiling, which instantly brought May down from wherever hidden above the room.  I thought long and hard about this, and told him that I happily accepted the fact that he was indeed my child, although inside I was lying.  He could sense this however, and told me that I actually used my last chance earlier, and he picked up May, placed the rope around her neck, and tightened it before I could pull the rope away from him.  May's head fell clean off, and rolled across the floor, ending her life.  Horrified, Hene stepped back, but I stepped forward, and thrust my hands into his chest, knocking him to the floor, angered at the fact that he killed the person I tried really hard to save.  The kid didn't die, but he escaped the room, and said that May's body may as well be down here forever.

December 21st dawned, and Hene and I were dragging May's body and head out from the sewage, and we buried her in the local cemetery.  I was extremely angry at the kid I couldn't even acknowledge the name of, but at the same time, I was also extremely upset, and I just spent the morning crying away.  Hene cried softly with me, and we spent the afternoon in misery together.  It was only four days until Christmas too, according to Hene, and we couldn't get to enjoy it with May.  There was nothing I could do about her death, and I needed to get over it, but indeed, the eternity of today was spent in less less less friend to enjoy time with.  Hene suddenly perked up however and told me that tonight...would be a special one, and that she will be able to make up for all of this.  I almost said no, but after what happened today...I just said yes, and decided to go with it.  Knowing Hene she might make my day better.  ...Even though I no longer had May, at least I could enjoy the last of the year with a special friend like Hene.

Chapter Four

Hene told me today that I should come down to the local Dairy Queen, as it was mostly abandoned for the day, and she immediately left before I had a chance to respond.  I gave myself a little time to think about whether or not I should really follow her down, I mean, what did she plan on doing there?  Her flirtateous voice didn't really help either, it reminded me of an earlier time where she actually tried taking me in as her girlfriend when she was disguising as the Goddess of Life. But I know now that she has changed a lot over these recent times, so I decided to head down to the restaurant and see what exactly she had in mind. I finished burying the rest of May, kissed her tombstone and placed a rose into the dirt bed, then I strolled down to the end of town.  I was a bit nervous still from what I mentioned earlier, but I happily opened the doors to the restaurant and found Hene, smiling, waiting at a table, with only one seat next to her, reserved for me.  As I came closer, she tapped her hands in a wondrous rhythm across the table, and winked with her left eye.  I had no idea what that meant but I sat down immediately next to her.

Right as I sat down next to her, Hene put her right leg over my left, and smiled brightly at me, shaking her head around.  A waiter came near our table, and asked what we wanted to eat, but right before I could say something, Hene reached forward and smashed her hand into the waiter's chin, knocking him out.  I was stunned at her hostility but I simply smiled and asked her what exactly she had in mind for today.  She responded by slowly taking my left hand off the table and holding it, and didn't really say anything.  I watched slowly and curiously as she grasped her hand inside mine, putting both into a tight grip.  Breathing slowly, I watched her lift up her other hand and place it around my right, pretty much preventing me from going away if I ever wanted to, but all I wanted to see is what she does next.  Slowly she pulled me towards her, and lifted me up so that my legs were around her, and that I was at face level with her.  I was very timid - and somewhat shy for this moment - so I didn't exactly respond, but she began rubbing my back with both her hands, and I couldn't help but make a small giggle to showcase my current mood.  She responded by laughing a bit and telling me that I was very soft and comfortable to hold.  That was a weird thing for her to say, but she moved from rubbing to stroking so I just stopped moving overall.

After what could have been seven minutes, she ceased her actions and let me go, and asked if I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing.  I shrugged it off - it actually felt great and I didn't understand why she did it, but it was a great feeling.  I thought to myself for a moment again, then I hesitantly placed my hands over her shoulders, placing them on her backside.  She looked confused for a moment, then I leaned my face towards her cheek and rubbed it with my own, Hene laughing heartily and happily with me, both of us actually at a happy mood!  Immediately after I was done rubbing her cheek, I "kissed" her fully on the lips, giggling as I watched her face flush a crimson red color.  She didn't know quite how to react, but she whispered my name quietly, and got out of her chair holding me.  With a bit of hesitation, she didn't say anything for roughly six minutes.  She looked at my eyes directly...I was waiting for her to say something.  Then she said in a very slow voice that said that we need to be at Hynau tonight, and head to my origin location.  At first I didn't say anything - I hated Hynau with all what can be considered my guts.  But then I nodded and asked her why.  Hene said that we're going to continue it there, as the waiter got up and now is eyeing us suspiciously.  I guess he caught on what we were on to as he kicked us straight out of the Dairy Queen, and told us to never come back.

Following what Hene said, I started heading out for Hynau, and she ran there very quickly, and told me to lag behind as much as I could take it, so I could only assume she was preparing for the rest of our...what would I call it?  Doesn't matter, I guess.  As I slowly walked out from the lighted village, I had flashbacks on the people abused how fast I grew crops.  How the people mistreated me so much that I had days where I did nothing but cry.  How the people shouted insults at me when I did something minorly wrong.  I hated that village, and I didn't like Hene for that one moment for wanting to take us both there...but because I actually...had feelings for Hene, I kept going and pressing onward.  The darkness of the town lied ahead, and I got lost a bit, but I didn't mind, I kept going as the only thing that mattered to me right now as Hene's beautiful tone of voice and her body of absolute wonders.  Her story about how the kids in her childhood treated her didn't matter to me, they were wrong - Hene is incredibly beautiful...I started racing forward a bit, and picking up my pace, it became clear to me that Hene was the only thing that mattered to me in terms of extremes.  I did want to search out another home, but I decided that Hene was more of a priority.

Upon arriving in Hynau, Hene pointed out an abandoned hotel and told me to go inside there to the tenth floor.  Upon opening the doors to the hotel, no one was visible, and the elevator remained usable.  The more I thought about it, the weirder I felt, so I just took the elevator and went to the tenth floor as Hene asked me to.  When I got out of the elevator, Hene came out of a separate one, and pointed to the first room to the right, which I followed her into.  I asked her why she picked this hotel of all places, but she told me that no one used this hotel, even when I was here, and that the Christmas lighted town was way too crowded and lighted.  She told me to come closer to her; she had the perfectly early Christmas gift and wanted to share it with me.  I don't know what she meant by Christmas gift, and I didn't even know what Christmas was, but I came closer to her, and she lifted me once more into the air, but lowly threw me onto the bed present in the room, and she immediately followed up by slowly crawling up into it.  She softly told me that when she was impersonating the Goddess of Love, she didn't get a chance to do anything "cool" as she put it, and she was definitely capable of doing it now.

The first thing Hene does is slowly push me towards the front of the bed so that my head is comfortably resting on a pillow, then she rises her body and lowers it atop mine, and stares into my eyes, placing her hands around my back, grinning down at my awestrucken face.  My first response was leaning her head down and once more "kissing" her on the lips, bringing a deep flush of red to her face.  I felt weird all tangled up in this position, but we were clothed so it's not at its most awkward.  The next thing I do is wrap my legs around hers, and rub her back, to which she does to me back.  We were both very comfortable at the moment, and I couldn't think of another thing that would have felt as relaxing or happy.  Then suddenly I asked her why we were doing this, and what led up to this moment.  Hene slowly lifted herself off of me, unwrapping her legs and her arms, then she laid to my side, and took a deep breath.  She then told me that after May died, she was greatly depressed, like I, and didn't know what to do, and could have spent the eternity of today crying.  But then she remembered her times with me back in the Rose Gardens, prompting her to try to see if she could date with me and have a grand time.  She tapped her left hand on the bed again in an identical rhythm to when she did it on that restaurant table, and slowly placed it towards my head, rubbing it.  She told me to get some rest...

I fell asleep, and the result was a nightmare.  In a post apocalyptic world, I was stationed at my old post in Hynau, set under a powerful lime green sky, with the evil people within, appearing as zombies, attempting to come to my post and attack me.  I was very stationary, and was unable to move, so I let those people come up to me, and start taking me apart, the crops I made were spoiled by their rotten skin, I was screaming for help, but nobody came, everyone was laughing, especially the scarecrow kid located quite a distance away from me.  He was laughing very hard, and pointed fingers at my stupid face, and told me that soon, everything I've known and loved was going to die, and the dream ended by them all taking me apart, and ripping apart my face.  I woke up in a panic, and Hene was still lying next to me, and asked what was wrong.  I told her about the eternity of my nightmare, and she told me that perhaps it was a good time to go home.  I was quite relieved, for I didn't like Hynau at all, not even now.

We both went to the bottom of the hotel, and were prepared to exit when there was a knocking on the front doors.  I opened the doors, and the scarecrow kid was there again!  I tried slashing my hands forward to kill him, but he moved away so quickly that I just tripped to the floor.  The kid had a message: on December 22nd, which was tomorrow, the ground would floor with six to seven feet of snow, and that escaping homes would be difficult.  Kid told us to stock up on food and stuff, even though I don't care for eating whatsoever, and he slumped away with an evil cackle.  I asked him what his name was, and he told me that he would never told me except for if I admitted that he was my child.  Still refusing to believe him, he laughed hard and vanished before I could say anything more.  I looked at Hene, and she looked at me.  We both needed to find shelter or the snow would hit us hard.  We both raced out of the hotel and headed for the Christmas village to see what we should do to prepare for the heavy storm, and what to do when the scarecrow child comes again.

Little did we know that a barricade came in our way when we tried to head back "home" - a barrier of snow prevented us from progressing, meaning that we had to stay in Hynau.  It was a dangerous thought, as Hynau can be easily destroyed by any form of liquid, and snow was just the ticket to kill everything, even the high standing buildings.  We had to find a way out of town, before the night of December 22nd comes.  So with immediate feelings of determination, I went backwards, then took a running start and went straight into the snow, and started trying to speed through the wall.  However, I managed to trip, and Hene picked me up and tried getting me through as well.  We were going to be able to make it to the other side no matter what, so we kept switching turns running.  We made it to the very end and made it back to the Christmas lights town, which was already covered with a few inches of snow.  Hene and I went back into the Dairy Queen and immediately killed the managers inside, and knocked off the Dairy Queen logo to make the place look more abandoned.  The two of us sat inside and discussed how we were to survive the snowstorm, and how we can kill that stupid scarecrow kid before anything else happens.

Chapter Five

December 22nd began with no sun, but a powerful blizzard and strong winds, and we had to find that Scarecrow Kid before he found us, and we had to shoot him down; we couldn't afford any more madness and perhaps it was a good time to kill it off.  First, Hene said that she would go out and get necessary supplies, and I told her that she was not going to leave me - the snowstorm would probably kill her or our enemy would.  She shrugged and said that perhaps we should do it together if we want to survive the storm.  I hesitated a bit because it was possible for us to be blinded and be separated by accident, but I nodded and said that we must do it fast or we would be found, possibly captured and hung from the walls of this town, which I came to acknowledge as Christmas Town.  Hene pointed the way to the nearest store and we went inside quickly, and had the immediate objective to avoid as many people as possible.  I mean, who wants walking scarecrows in a store?  This ain't Halloween, sorry to disappoint.

Hene said that we should find wooden supplies to build barricades around windows because our place would definitely have them, and that the wood should be able to prevent the snow from getting in.  With no hesitation we looked over at the supplies area of the store and gathered as many wood as possible, and knocked out at least three people that came near us.  This was our most major supply, and we couldn't carry anything more, so we went out of the store and found our shelter building very quickly - an abandoned warehouse with small windows.  We went inside and boarded the wood over the windows, and did the same thing on the outside, then we raced back to the store to find more things.  We went back inside and picked up card decks for pure boredom purposes, extra wood, and lights just in case city power went out.

Upon returning home, we found a disturbing sight: the Scarecrow Kid was inside our home!  He gloated in delight at seeing us and pointed a gun at us both, telling me that I need to admit that he is my child.  ...I told him he was that I really apologize for doubting him.  He pulled down the gun and told me that while he accepted my apology, he's not going to ever forget the trouble that he went through just to tell me that.  Angrily, I told him that if I even raised him, I wouldn't teach him to be such a spoiled and rotten child, and he simply laughed his heart away at this and told me that I didn't understand and would never understand, as I was never a child.  I actually have been a child, I guess whenever I told him stories I told something wrong.  Whatever, I told him that his command will be in a long time to accept that Hene will be his "other mom" while I try to guard this place from falling apart.  He shrugged, laughed, and told me that's fine, as he can manage it completely on his own.  Considering he killed May, of course he could!

The afternoon eventually settled in after a lot of nothing and playing with our card decks when the storm broke through the town and the heavy winds breezed through cracks in the walls and flung even heavy things off the ground, and the snow fell at such a quick rate that floods of snow from all around were to be expected.  The sun was nowhere to be seen, and the clouds brought forth flashes of lightning and sudden descents of hail.  Everything was freezing and it went through every crevice through the town's buildings, evidenced by the fact that ours was being heavily infected by it.  The three of us huddled up together, and tried to converse warmth.  It was difficult as the weather was extremely violent and the temperature plummeted into, what, the low twenties?  Not the right conditions for walking scarecrows for certain.

The weather bashed against the windows in such a way that it sounded like a person knocking extremely loudly on a door, it was very frightening for both me and Hene, but the little kid just smiled as if it were nothing.  The windows shook up violently and the roof was being hit over and over again with the uncomfortable sound of hail, and the wind eventually broke through parts of the walls and attacked us.  It was just something that we had to live through, even though it hurt for it to touch us all.  I backed towards a wall, which fell down in the intense cold, and I just backed up and hugged Hene tight, whilst the Kid just held on for his life onto my bare legs.  Everything was so cold that I began screaming inside my head, nothing felt comfortable to touch at the very slightest.  At the very least, I enjoyed the pure touch of Hene, it was wonderful to feel her lean against my shoulder.  All else was hitting me hard though and I hated the weather, it hated me too.

Eventually, the windows broke apart and the snow started falling in, and the front door opened and the snow as piling up.  We made an effort to get as far away from the snow as possible, and the room started slowly flooding up with the snow, and the snow outside became high enough to race into here and help out with flooding everything.  Eventually the kid went outside and told me that he was out of here, but then I picked up a gun from the shelf.  I told him that there was two things I really wanted to tell him: one, he wasn't my son, and two, I wanted to pay him back for killing my friend May.  Instantly I hit the trigger and shot the kid clear in the neck.  The head came flying off and went into the snow, which buried it along with his body instantly.  Hene and I looked in astonishment at how easy it was to kill him, but then we had to continue surviving.  We huddled up for dear life, and prayed for the snowstorm to stop.  It didn't stop, and the snow piled up around us.  We eventually couldn't see anything.  Everything was starting to freeze was all beginning to hurt badly.

The clock outside struck hard...December 23rd came about.  But I didn't feel like celebrating, for we were stuck inside the snow still.  I tried to fight my way out with Hene, who was struggling as well, but it was no use...we stuck to the floor, and hoped that we would be rescued soon.  If anything, I'm glad the Scarecrow Kid was dead.  To be honest, good riddance!  I wanted to never see his face again, and I am happy that we got away from this stupid murderer.  The fact that I killed this person for killing my friend was satisfying.  I reached my hand through the snow and found Hene's cold hand.  I grabbed it, then tried to pull myself next to her.  We tried to sleep through the cold, and despite our troubles, we eventually did so.

Eventually, I was able to poke my head out from the snow, and the sun was glazing overhead.  Looking around the warehouse, everything has been toppled over or destroyed.  I shook Hene's body, which was lying to my left, and I picked her up and shook her to wake her up.  The first thing I asked was if she was alive, and Hene just barely managed to place her hand right above my chest and bring herself above my shoulder, to which I went a bit red.  She told me that she was alright, and that we should head to the main village.  We can apparently celebrate Christmas over there.  I mean, who wouldn't, after a time like this?  The Scarecrow Kid was dead, the snowstorm is over, everything maddening from miles around has pretty much ended for now.  I took up on her offer and started heading towards the village and knocked anyone out who saw us walk through town.  We would have really done it like normal but our clothes were tattered and it was somewhat embarrassing.

Once we reached a small house with no one inside, we went in and locked the doors, then sat down in the two chairs present in what appeared to be the living room.  There was almost nothing particularly exciting, although there was a Christmas tree and some cookies on the counter.  We shrugged off the fact that those belonged to other people and we tried eating the cookies, although it was pretty unsuccessful as, again, we can't eat anything, due to our status as scarecrows.  It didn't matter, we continued sitting in the house and talking of old times.  We laughed quite often at our small jokes, and I started feeling better about the direction my life has been taking me.  Eventually we got out of the chairs and sat under the Christmas tree, and hugged each other under the warmth of the light coming off of...the Christmas lights??  They were really pretty, so they were enjoyable to look at.

The time of Christmas was nearing pretty quickly, so I said that tomorrow I'll go see if I can pick up anything for us to use to enjoy the holiday together, and I said that I'll be getting a surprise, so she needs to stay there and make sure no one else gets into the house.  She was quite surprised that somone like me who is usually never happy is actually going out to the rest of the town to get a gift for a friend, but she nodded and said that she'll keep the house good whenever I go away to do it.  I hugged her tightly once more, we've been through a lot, and we probably always will, and although May died, to be truthful that's one less person to try and keep an eye on.  It sounds rude from a prospective but I think May is resting peacefully in the heavens above.  If scarecrows even go there in the first place, anyway.  I gave Hene a kiss on her cheek, and slept soundly next to her.  I don't remember what happened next, but Hene said she picked me up and placed me in her chair, and slept next to me directly.  Is there really any better scarecrow being out there?

Chapter Six

Hene and I woke up at about the same, and it was basically the afternoon of December 23rd.  Both of us got up from the chair and looked around for a bit before I went outside to get Hene's gift.  After I was content with the house we'd be spending Christmas in, I dashed outside and headed to the local store.  Hene waved to me goodbye, and I dashed through the snow.  In the distance, the store was flashing a few neon lights, so it wasn't fully damaged from the storm like I somewhat thought it would be.  Upon coming up to the front door however, the store said it was closed.  At first I was discouraged, but I decided to shatter through the front door and look for something anyway.  The floors were thinly flooded with a thin layer of ice and some snow, so I had to be careful getting in and out.  At some point, I found a diamond ring.  Of course it cost a lot, but since I'm going to be a thief like usual, I broke through the glass containment it was in and stole it.  The store's alarms did not sound, so I assume that the snowstorm damaged them.  I got out of the store as soon as I could, being careful not to drop the ring so I didn't lose it in the snow.

Getting back home was difficult.  A small hailstorm struck the area, and because I was in the open, I was getting hit pretty often.  Not to mention that the icy ground made getting around almost impossible and I kept having moments where I slipped.  Eventually I started crawling on the ground at the speed of molasses just to make sure I didn't have a chance of losing the ring.  I rolled about trying to pick up speed, and tried walking at various points just to get going.  When the hail stopped, I got up and took the path through the cold, cruel snow just to get out as fast as I could possibly go.  Finally, I reached the house where Hene was at, and opened the door, and saw Hene waiting in the chair, relaxing.  Happily, I walked up to her and told her that the trip went successfully, and I told her to open her hand.  When she did, I put the ring into her very hand, which caused her to squeal slightly with delight.  Grinning happily, she put it around her "ring finger" and hugged me very hard.  We had a very relaxing moment there, just between the two of us - then the door began getting knocked upon, and pretty loudly too.

When I looked through the front door, the head of a disembodied green teddy bear was staring at my face, and glared with such a frightening look that I was paralyzed.  Hene got up and opened the door, where a hideous being roared at the two of us.  I winced, and pulled Hene back, and together we watched as the beast walked towards both of was a very scary sight!  Every time we made a move away from him, he made two, and it was getting difficult to outpace him.  What appeared to be the real head asked why we took away his home...we didn't know it was his!  We got behind a desk and shoved it so it would hit his feet, and it did!  But it didn't actually mean anything, as he seemed to be invulnerable to attacks.  He grabbed Hene by the neck, then me by the neck, and made us try to escape his grip, trying to explain that we would go if he really did want us to go away.  But instead, he hugged us both rather than doing anything malicious.  ...Perhaps he just wanted a bit of Christmas love and spirit?  Despite his ugly appearance, I hugged him back - perhaps it would save me trouble.

Eventually he let go of both of us, and sat down in the seat, and told us to sit down next to him.  When we did so, he told us of an old time, where there was a massive God floating in the space above.  His name was Fandraxono - just like the name of that vermin from Split Personality, you know that book, right? - and he was managing the planet well and overseeing everything.  But one day, the God split into what appeared to be three, but it was actually four, and this being was the result.  His name was the Acebreaker, and that he was meant to be the full power of Fandraxono's extent.  ...That explains why the desk couldn't hurt him, he was a flipping God and therefore he was immune to pain.  We comforted him and hugged him again, and we rested towards his sides.  I mean, even though I'm not attracted to him or anything, he's about as soft as a pillow.  The gross thing is how his blood dripped off of him, but I've seen worse.

At a certain point in time, he told us that he sent a rogue upon Christmas Town to spy on three criminal scarecrows who have wreaked a bit of havoc in the town of Hynau, and that he didn't have a name; he was just called a Scarecrow Faker.  Apparently, he sent the Scarecrow Kid to spy on us, and he said that it is indeed his fault that May was dead, and then I asked why he thought it was important for us to get spied on.  He said that he was too shy to show his ugly body towards us, so he sent someone after, but it would have been better if he did it instead.  The Acebreaker then asked what happened to the Scarecrow Kid anyway.  I told him that I killed him off for what he's done, and he stroked my hair with his metallic, rusted hand, being proud of me for being brave and fighting a true fight, and a true foe at that.  I'm not one to smile but I did so anyway, encouraged by those very words.  For someone who was meant to just be the true power of a God, I'm amused at how polite this person is acting.

Eventually, he told me in general that he'll leave us alone so we can celebrate our Christmas together, and that he will go to the town's bar to celebrate the holidays.  With those words said, he teleported out of the house, and left us stranded in the house.  Smiling, I went up to Hene and leaned myself over her shoulder as December 24th day until Christmas Day.  She rubbed her face against my cheek, and I did the same.  It's been somewhat of a rough road, but...we made it through all right.  Suddenly, there was another knocking on the door.  In volume, the knocking was becoming louder and louder.  I went up to the door and opened it, and there stood...a...surprise for everyone.

I can't begin to tell you how amazed I was at what just happened.  A scarecrow stood in the frame of the doorway, and she was standing tall and lean, with stitches around her neck, and a smile crossing her face.  May has come back to celebrate Christmas!  I told her to immediately take a seat and tell us how she managed to come back to us all.  She simply smiled and told her that when she was buried, she was connected to the roots of fertile earth, so she was able to revive.  I immediately took her and danced around with her and Hene, and I didn't care that I was really clumsy, our friend was back and I felt like doing it.  Perhaps it's time for the warmth of the season to begin, with feelings of love and excitement.  All three of us had a pretty good laugh, and after we were done, we went into one chair together and slept in peace, me being in the center and enjoying the comfort of both.

God, it's great to have May back.  Bless the earth.

Last Words: The Final Chapter

A few days passed, and eventually it became Christmas Day, and we all sat in the house together, sitting in the chairs and watching the snow lightly fall from the outside. I smiled - the horror was over, and we have a comfortable place to stay at for a while.  I stared at Hene's warm, glorious eyes, and looked at her pleasant, wonderful face, and reached out for her hand.  I've been waiting for a long while now to be with Hene, well maybe not a long, long while, but if you judge by the amount of trouble I've cut through and the horrors mentioned throughout this journey, you'll understand.  Hene happily took my hand, and May took my other.  We all hugged each other - normally I wouldn't hug people but everything has calmed and I feel so happy that I couldn't resist doing it.

Hene looked straight at my eyes, and called out my name softly, and I responded with a nod of the head.  A tear tore up in her eye, and she said in perhaps the sweetest tone, the softest you could ever hear, that she loved me, and wished to spend the rest of her life in my presence.  I was somewhat hesitant for some reason, and it took me a while to respond, but then I greeted her with open arms and told her that no matter what, we were going to be the greatest of friends.  I mean that's what friends are, yes?

The three of us eventually stopped hugging one another, so that Hene could put on her ring, and then we went outside our home and went to the pretty much destroyed Dairy Queen.  We got inside and smashed open the soft serve machines and got ourselves "ice cream".  I mean I said we couldn't eat anything but for all I cared we could pretend that we could eat.  We sat down at our table and laughed as we tried eating the ice cream, only to fail.  You know, life is full of hardships, but it's also full of friendships, and even though my past life has been difficult to maneuver, I can see much potential in a brighter future for long as May and Hene are at my side to help me go through the tougher times.


  • If you make a Frozen joke I'm going to personally track you and annihilate you.
  • Frozen Up actually is less of a Christmas themed story than a real sequel to Lurking in the Dark, but nonetheless it's canon.

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