Froze the Dog is a 17 year old Sonic character who first appeared in Sonic's Science Adventure, along with Sparky. He is said to be Blaze's, Silver's, Plasma's and Sparky's childhood friend.


Sonic's Science Adventure

Froze the Dog first appears in Sonic's Science Adventure. When Rouge the Bat was flying around, looking for treasure, she met Froze appearing in a melted ice. He is also a playable character in Sparky's Story. At the end of Sparky's story, he deceased back into his own dimension, leaving Sparky crying for him.

Sonic and the Chinese Temple

Froze is a non-playable character in the game but Multiplayer Mode. He is unlocked after Sonic gets 214 AngPaos.


Froze somewhat likes flirting with girls, and likes to date with them. He also dislikes fire, because of him having ice powers.


Froze can blow ice out of his mouth, and make ice cube or snowballs with his hands. His only weakness is being burned.

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