A Frosty Flower in Super Mario Land 3D.

A Frosty Flower is a Flower in the Mario series and it first appeared in Super Mario Land 3D. It turns Mario into Frosty Mario, where he has multiple attacks such as throwing iceballs, do a Ice Spin to freeze nearby enemies, roll with a great iceball, and also he can walk or skate on water.


Super Mario Land 3D

The Frosty Flower's first and currently only appearance so far is in Super Mario Land 3D. It first appears in World 5 in the level 5-2, where he must use it to skate on the water to complete the level. It appears in other levels of other worlds, but mainly in the World 5. It is neccesary to defeat ColdStar. As Frosty Mario, the player must roll inside the great iceball and try to knock off ColdStar of the platform 3 times to defeat him.


  • The Frosty Flower looks pretty similar to an Ice Flower, just that it has snow covering it and it's leafs are more blue-ish. It is also considered, an advanced version of the Ice Flower.

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