Frostover is an upcoming console, created by Cryobyte. The Frostover was a project that was canned for awhile, but was put back to work after hearing about all the new consoles. Though Cryobyte has a console, it still seems to be a third-party producer, while game's created by them mostly come early on this console, though. The console controller is meant to be 'a mix of the Gamecube and Xbox 360 controller, to let the characters have a comfortable experience using the controller'.



The console is a large rectangle-like design, with two lines shooting straight upward across the top of the console, which contain lights that once the console is turned on, will turn blue. A compartment that can hold an extra hard drive can be popped out, and a hard drive can be inserted. A disk drive is located right by a button that turns the console on. The on button is a small blue square that can be pressed down. Once the button is pressed, a little chime plays.

Art Pad

A large screen, similar to the gamepad on the 3DS, that is an add-on that includes a drawing app called Skribblur that includes many effects, it acts very similar to Paint.NET. The Art Pad is a rectangular device with a little triangle on the bottom, used to activate it. Different tunes will play for different things, such as an upbeat tune when saving a drawing.




Digital Shop

A shop containing many non-digital copy games, and some old games from older consoles.


An app used for recordings, mostly Vlogs and gameplays, though there are many other things that go onto this.

more tba


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