Frostbite Turtle
His appearance.
Full Name Infecterior Element Trio Member
Frostbite Turtle
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location None
Current Status Probably destroyed
Class Infecterior Element Trio Member, leader
Infecteriors Army
Family and Relations
Pyro Mantis, Thunder Phoenix.
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Ice absorbing, ice melting, ice breating.
Vulnerable To Fires while charging Ice Meteor
Infecterior Trio Leader
First Appearance Fantendo: Infected
Latest Appearance Fantendo: Infected

Frostbite Turtle is the last Member of the Infecterior Element Trio. Unlike the two other members, he is calm and never attack those who is peaceful to him. However, he will still harm the Heroes, as he is an Infecterior himself. Pyro Mantis uses fires, Thunder Phoenix uses lightnings, and this one uses ice. He is created with Infect-Liquid and frostbite ice cubes with -200°C