Full Name Frolo
Gender Male
Species Hamstar
Location Dentsville
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
First Appearance Labyrinth
Frolo is the main protagonist of the Labyrinth series and debut in Labyrinth, the first installment of the series . He is a crimson Hamstar with electrical abilities as implied by his thunderbolt shaped mark. He is also reffered to as "The Master of Spades" Although his age is not comfirmed, he seems to be young based on his personality and behavior.

Physical Appearance

Frolo is a bright crimson with large, shiny pupils that sport a blue tint near the bottom. While he does have sclera it's very little, this is normal for Hamstars. His nose, like most rodents is somewhat triangular and are the common pink coloration. On each cheek there is a large amount of white fur, varing him from average hamstars. Frolo also wears a blue visor with his ears seen sticking out. The outside of the ears are the same color of his body: crimson but the insides are white and look similar to the upper half of a heart shape. Like all Hamstars he is slightly chubby and has very short limbs and a short white tail. On Frolo's belly is a yellow birthmark shaped as a lightning bolt. All of Frolo's paws are white.