Frisbee Dog is a newcomer fighter in Project L representing the Wii franchise (Wii Sports, Wii Party). The Frisbee Dog is an unlockable character, to unlock him, the player has to complete Level 3 Target Test with the starting roster and then fight him on ???. The Frisbee Dog is the shortest character in the game, slightly smaller than Olimar.

The Frisbee Dog utilizes abilities from the Wii Sports events, mainly the Frisbee. He is lightweight and one of the fastest characters in the game but he is also one of the weakest and can be easily KO'd.

Character description

Special Moves

Frisbee Dog's Special Moves
Standard Special Frisbee Launch *
Side Special Bowling Ball *
Up Special Basketball Throw *
Down Special Golf Shoot *
Final Smash N/A *

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Victory Theme

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