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Frigid Feelings
Frigid Feelings
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) Rail shooter
Single player
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disk

Frigid Feelings is a non-canonical spin-off of the Crimson el Roserade series created by Existence Software. The game, unlike canon Crimson el Roserade titles, focuses upon a younger Frozerade going while trying to survive after the death of her Stoutland guardian. The game was created for Fandro's second weekly challenge.


Frigid Feelings borrows some gameplay elements from the Nintendo 3DS title Kid Icarus: Uprising. In the game, Frozerade traverses areas in a speedy fashion similar to the ones seen in more modern Sonic the Hedgehog titles, with obstacles and enemies spread out over the track. In this mode, she is unable to attack, as she is focusing primarily on speed. As such, dodging and jumping are key to surviving.

Upon reaching a destination, Frozerade is given the ability to fight using various techniques, though her speed is heavily decreased. This style of gameplay makes up a majority of the game, as they last much longer and include various puzzles or platforming elements within them.


After the death of her loved guardian, Frozerade meets a monkey-like creature by the name of Seth. Tell of a rumour about a stone that can revive the dead, Frozerade sets out to claim this stone, only fighting against the monsters created by the magic of one who lurks in the shadows.

Frozerade stands at the top of the hill, shrouded by the shadow of the large tree resting behind her. A warm wind blows in the distance, ruffling the hairs atop Frozerade's head as she stares down at a cold, grey stone. A spot of water drops onto the stone, and Frozerade stands confused for a moment before she figures out what caused it: her. Tears stream down her blue face, dirtying the ascot she wears around her neck and warming her cheeks. She turns away, unable to face the pain no longer, and the tears cease to stream down her cheeks. "Goodbye." she mutters, but a croak emerges instead; her dry throat choking around the sound, conforming it; making it her's.

As twilight settles on the small hill, the silhouette of a lone Roserade is illuminated by the white stars. She leaves no mark as she travels. A ghost on the wind of despair. She glances over her shoulder at the grave marked with 'Rest in peace', and a memory flashes through her mind, both startling her and bringing her more pain and despair. The smiling face of Stoutland, the only person she had ever trusted before, fades away as she drops her memories; leaving them to be caught on the wind.

"You seem down." a voice startles Frozerade as she stumbles across the ground. She turns to face the figure: a blue primate. "My name is Seth, a man of many trades." he smiles to her, and she flinches back. "I have knowledge of a stone. A stone said to revive those deceased." The blue Roserade's eyes perk up at that. "Revive the dead?" she asks, and the stranger smiles a dark smile. "Quite so."

"The stone rests in the ruins of a temple, or so the legend says. Cross the frozen tundra and journey into a forest of desolate life. Scale the mountain high where a cavern splits the mountain's side. Deep in the cave, is where the prize lays."

Frozerade stands, shocked and confused. She doesn't know if she should trust this strange man. "Stories tell that it restores a man's health to perfect, long would they wait for the call of death to come."

Stoutland calls back to the head of her mind. "Deal." she says to the primate. "Excellent!" he holds his hands together in a prayer. "I shall aid you on this journey of your's. Sell you my wares to protect you."

In the bushes, not far from where the two beings sit, stands another magician listening to them. "A stone to heal the dead?" she mutters. "I propose we race for it."

Seth shows Frozerade a map, and the being in the bushes memorizes it with binoculars. Frozerade is then invited into Seth's wagon to stay the night, before the two set out in the morning. The being takes this as a sign, and begins to set off for the stone.


Name Description
Frozerade FF
After the death of her guardian, Frozerade returned to the frozen tundra where her father abandoned her. She is the main protagonist, a fast and swift Roserade whose typing is Ice and Poison as opposed to Grass and Poison. She's cocky and clumsy, due to her inexperience in fighting, but friendly to those she trusts. Deep down, Frozerade just wishes for someone to truly love her, like the Stoutland had after he adopted her.

Frozerade is voiced by Kathryn Raio.

Seth FF
Seth is a strange merchant that Frozerade meets on her travels. A smile plastered on his face at all times, Seth upgrades Frozerade with various tools to increase her abilities. He speaks with strange metaphors, often incorporating references to great historical leaders and ancient civilizations into his ideals.

Seth is voiced by Travis Willingham.

Astrophel FF
Astrophel is a young woman who, like Frozerade, is trying to fill the gap in her heart left by a relative; in her case her sister. Astrophel is introduced as an antagonist, who rivals Frozerade as they fight to reclaim the Revival Gem. Using her ghostly powers, she has the ability to create enemies that stand in the way of Frozerade's journey.

Astrophel is voiced by Karen Strassman.

Rims FF
Rims is a young Roselia whom Frozerade saves from various dangers he finds himself in.

Rims is voiced by Quinton Flynn.

Existence Software
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