Here you may adopt Friend Gremlins of various, shapes, sizes, colors, and personality's. You may also choose how smart they are.

The Process

First, you look in the box for a Friend Gremlin of your wants and needs. Then you may name it and have a conversation with it, to make sure you make the right choice. Then you get to customize a button or rocket board for it. You may then bring it alive with the Proffeser Cuddly Life Creator. Next, you get to watch your Friend Gremlin fly on it. After that, you may dress your Friend Gremlin up. Then they get chipped so they will only appear to you, other Friend Gremlins, or anyone of your choice.

Purchased Gremlins

Minsky was purchased by Jtolla (tbc).

Minsky is a lavender Friend Gremlin with red hair. She has red glasses, and is very smart. She has a crush on Professor Cuddly. Her board is Smartie, a lavender button with red hair.

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