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Freezie SM3DW
A Freezie, as it appears in Super Mario 3D World
Species Origin Ice
Rarity Rare
Alignment Unknown, Bad
First Appearance Mario Bros. (1983)
Latest Appearance Mario Super Sluggers (2008)
Ice, Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies

A Freezie (originally known as a Slipice) is an enemy made entirely of ice that first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros. They vary greatly in size and shape, but are instantly recognizable thanks to their permanently puzzled expression. These chunks of ice would move around the stage in one fixed direction, and occasionally melt down to turn an entire platform into ice, making it slippery.

Occasionally, Freezies are used as items to freeze enemies. Despite being one of Mario's first enemies, they have only recently started appearing in games again.


A Freezie is, to be frank, a chunk of light blue ice with a puzzled face. In the Super Smash Bros. franchise, a Freezie is often completely asymmetric and its facial features are blueish, almost "drawn" onto the chunk. The few appearances it had in current Super Mario spinoffs, however, give it a slightly different appearance. The Freezie is now for the most part symmetric, donning three icy spikes that are as large as each other. Its eyes are beady like any other creature in the Mushroom Kingdom, and its mouth is a bit deeper, as it is carved into the chunk.

Game Appearances

Mario Kart Dimensions

Mario Kart Supreme

Mario Kart Connect

Mario Dodgeball Rush

Mario Kart Silver

Freezies appear as semi-common, new items in Mario Kart Silver. In the game, they freeze racers they come in contact with, though will shatter should it slide into a wall or another item. They appear as common items in fifth, sixth and seventh, and rare items in eighth, ninth and tenth. In the game's original demo, Freezies would not slide once thrown, and would only be able to be thrown backwards. It is unknown why this was changed.

Giant Freezies also appear as obstacles on the "Mr. Blizzard's Palace" course, and make appearances in the background of SNES Vanilla Lake 2.


Mario Kart Silver

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