Fredbear Goes Hawaiian is a spin-off of the Five Nights At Freddy's series released October 31, 2015. The main protagonist is the Fredbear animatronic, and it takes place in Hawaii.


Taking place in modern day, the story centers around a new chain of Fredbear Family Diners set up in Hawaii. Using a new artificial intelligence system for the animatronics, they create a new Fredbear. Soon, Fredbear becomes self-aware, and plans to escape the restaurant.



  • Fredbear - The main character. A self-aware Fredbear animatronic who tries to escape the Fredbear restaurant.
  • Fredgirlbear - A female Fredbear animatronic that tries to stop Fredbear.
  • Baby Fredbear - An animatronic created to be Fredbear's sidekick who also tries to stop Fredbear.
  • Baby Baby Fredbear - An animatronic created to be Fredbear's other sidekick. He tries to stop Fredbear along with Fredgirlbear and Baby Fredbear.
  • Ugly Fredbear - Fredbear's evil doppleganger created to kill the self-aware Fredbear.


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