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Fred the Purple Monkey
Full Name Fred the Purple Monkey
Gender Male
Element(s) Earth

Fred the Purple Monkey is a character made by GamerX Inc.


He is really random....REALLY RANDOM!


He is a monkey...He is purple......


Fred has a few different forms:

  • Normal form: He just looks like a Purple Monkey.
  • Slingshot form: He uses a slingshot & wears a yellow loincloth.
  • Buff form: He becomes really big & strong, also has shades an a little bear hanging by his side.
  • Monk form: He wears an outfit that makes him look like a Japanese Buddhist monk.
  • Ape form: He turns into a big ape, similar to redesign Donkey Kong.
  • King form: He looks similar to Buff Form, but with a King Outfit.
  • Gorilla form: He becomes a big gorilla with an arm cannon.
  • Vampire form: He becomes a vampire.

There have been rumors that these forms will be in a new game starring Fred.


Flame Football

Button Kartz

User Olympics

Fred the Purple Monkey (MCK)
[[Image:|center]] Speed



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