Fred and George are twin alligators who just so happen to be Blue. They have a sister named Victoria who is a pink alligator. When they were born their mom couldn't tell them apart so she wrote letters on them. She's not good at writing Fs, so Fred's letter was backwards. Fred, George, and Victoria were sent to a lab to find out why they were different colors. Due to experiments, they boosted George's intelligence. He used his intelligence to help his siblings escape to Bogwoods. Fred did most of the work of finding food during this trip, but he was constantly eating so the way to Bogwoods took a week. It could of tooken them 3 days if Fred hadn't eaten, and even Victoria was mad at him for this.

They hate Jackel the Hunter.



Hannah the Monkey: Inventor, enjoys inventing with George

Jay the Gorilla: Hannah's brother, strong, dumb, making perfect match for Fred

Victoria: Sister of Fred and George

Gary the Toucan: Annoying, rule lover

Fred the Purple Monkey: Fights Fred due to the fact that they have the same name

Button: In a special episode of their show, Button helped Fred and George save Bogwoods from becoming a supermarket site

Boris the Frog: Grumpy

Uncle Firtsy: Crocidile, guardian of Fred, George and Victoria.

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