This page is for Fred Flintstone in the game, Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U . Please do not edit this page.

Character DescriptionEditEdit

Fred Flintstone is a cartoon character and who first appeared in Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones. Fred is a heavy, slow fighter with powerful attacks. He utilizes prehistoric items and different types of dinosaurs in combat.



Fred, as he appears in Cartoon Fighters.

Fred's Attacks:

Standard Special Clobber
Side Special Bowling Strike
Up Special Pterodactyl
Down Special Dino Dash
Final Smash

Tyrannosaurs Wreck

Moveset DescriptionEditEdit

Standard B: Clobber

Fred takes out a club and with one mighty swing, clobbers a foe over the head. This attack deals 8% damage to the unlucky opponent.

Side B: Bowling Strike

Fred takes a stone bowling ball and tosses it down the arena. Anyone who crosses it will be knocked down and will receive 6% damage from the "strike".

Up B: Pterodactyl

Fred jumps up and grabs a pterodactyl by its feet and soars high into the air. 

Down B: Dino Dash

Fred calls for Dino, who frantically runs across the stage for a few seconds. Anyone who gets tossed around by Dino may accumulate up to 3%-21% damage.

Final Smash: Tyrannosaurs Wreck

Fred shouts "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" as he climbs aboard a Tyrannosaurs Rex and rampages across the battlefield. Opponents who get caught amongst this powerful attack may receive an upwards of 3%-150% damage.

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