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Written by Namsean.

Forest Fire

  • (Sunny Forest is on fire)
  • Imp: FOREST FIRE! (everyone screams and runs)
  • Croco: Who's gonna save us?!
  • (We see a motorcycle wheel driving, and a giant water balloon puffing up. The balloon bursts, pouring water all over the forest and putting out the fires.)
  • (The gang are all in a wet pond, completly drenched)
  • Roshan: (to Robin) You ok, love?
  • Robin: Yeah...
  • Imp: Someone saved us!
  • (A motorcycle drives and stops at the gang, the driver jumps off.)
  • Roshan: Did YOU put out the fire?
  • Biker: Your darn tootin!
  • Robin: You saved our lives! What's your name?
  • Biker: I am the fighter of crime... the eliminater of evil... the one who makes baddies say "hello" to boomerang.. I am... (takes his helmet off) TY WOMBAT!
  • Sqak: (quiet for a few seconds) ...okay........
  • Dib: Ty?! What a stupid super hero name! (laughs)
  • Ty: (angrily) Why you... (throws his boomerang) BOOOOOOOOOOOM.... POWER!!!
  • (the boomerang flies and hits Dib in the face)
  • Ty: That's what you get when you make the wombat ANGRY!
  • (Dib is seen knocked out on the floor, with stars flying around his head)

Market Bandit

  • (The gang and Ty are in the market)
  • Tubby: This is Sunny City!
  • (Dib is behind the motorcyle)
  • Dib: (smelling the motor) Blaw! drive faster kid, and AWAY from me!
  • Croco: Be a sport, Dib!
  • Ty: THIS is a city??
  • Dib: This is a market that's PART of the city, you knuckle head!
  • Ty: Oh yeah...
  • Dib: I dunno what your doing here, bandicoot, so tell us your story!
  • Ty: Me? I'm a biker super hero! (yells) AND I AM NOT A BANDICOOT! (throws his boomerang at Dib again)
  • Cynder: (excited) Are your REALLY a hero?!
  • Ty: Sure I am! Just lemme-
  • Little Girl: HELP!!
  • (we see a little girl being held captive by a bandit)
  • Bandit: No one move or the little girl get's it!
  • Ty: Let her go, or face my wrath!
  • Dib: Oh please, this part sucks! (people shoosh at Dib) Oh pffff yourself!
  • Bandit: You got a sharp tongue, Ty Wombat. My doctor told me not to go near heroes, but he did say I can have all the (grabs the little girl's money) GREENS I WANT! (runs away and laughs)
  • Ty: Have no fear, little girl! I will mop up that rotten thief on my wombatmobile! (jumps on his bike and drives backwords)
  • Sqak: Where's he going?
  • Tubby: Hey, Ty! The thief went THIS way! or... Was it that way? or this way?
  • Dib: I knew he was a knuckle head.
  • Bandit: (running and laughing) Hnn-Hnn-Hnn-Hnn!
  • (Right in front of the bandit Ty drives his wombatmobile over a ramp and into the air, throwing his boomerang right into the bandit's face, knocking him out. Ty catches the falling bag of money.)
  • Crowd: HOORAY!!! (run over to Ty and begin cheering for him)
  • Skip: Do they like us too, Sqak?
  • Sqak: I dunno...

Ty Wombat saves the day!


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