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Fraudway Star is the 21st Episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series as well as the start of the Second Season. It aired on January 4 1997. It also marks Ty Wombat's deput.

Read the script HERE.



The show begins with the gang running from a forest fire that came from no where. While the gang run away, a mysterious biker drove in the flaming woods with a Giant Water Balloon that puts out the whole fire and saving the gang's lives. The biker is revealed to be Ty Wombat and the gang take him back to the city, where Ty stops a bandit from stealing a little girl's wallet. When everyone saw what Ty did, they all start to treat him like a hero and stop paying attention to the SSFF.

Ty Wombat goes around in his Wombatmobile saving many disasters while the SSFF had gotten no mission calls at all. When they got a message, it was King Cheatsy who tells them Ty replaced them, and Cheatsy gets sad at first but when Ty patted him he quickly gets over it, giving out Ty's Communicator.

Back home, the SSFF hear Tron's yell thinking he's in trouble, but it turns out that he and Mia are watching Ty on the show "Heroic Interview" starring Pepper. While watching the show, the SSFF get suspicous after Ty accidently slipped something out on camera, so when they went to spy on him they saw Ty kicking a flea down the road and rescuing it from a run away truck.

Realizing Ty Wombat is nothing but a fraud, the SSFF decide to expose Ty's secret in front of Sunny City. Later, the city gets attacked by a giant Red Ant Robot that grabs Ty who desperatly cries for help. When the gang show up, Ty panicly asks them to help him but the gang thought he'll do it by himself, causing Ty to admit his secret in front of the whole crowd.

The gang defeat the Robot and Dib tells Ty to leave Sunny City, Ty does so. Everyone apolagizes to the SSFF for not paying attention to them all day, so Teensie decides to throw out Ty's Communicator. When everyone left, Dr. Tron reveals that he is actually controlling the Red Ant Robot as the gang thank him for keeping it real.

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