The Best Brawn Friend of Everybody
Full Name Franchesca Von Frankenstein
Current Age 152
Date of Birth 1864
Gender Female
Species Frankenstein Monster
Location Transylvania
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Powerhouse Creature Alive
Family and Relations
Dr. Henry Von Frankenstein (Father), Victor Von Frankenstein (Brother), Kid Dracula (Friend), Ramses (Friend), Molly (Best Friend), Danny (Friend)
Her Friends
Main Weapon(s) Screwbolt
Ability/ies Wall Breaker, Earthquake
Vulnerable To Fire
Fran, Hard Knuckles, Frankenstein Girl
First Appearance Kid Dracula
Latest Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Series Kid Dracula


Frankie, few times known as Frankenstein Girl is Kid Dracula's friend. She is part of the Monster Squad, along with Kid Dracula, Ramses, Molly and Danny. She cares a lot for her friends and hugs them a lot, don't make her or any friend of her angry, when Frankie is angry, she earthquakes the floor.

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