Francis' signature quote, Super Paper Mario

Francis' artwork from Super Paper Mario
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Fort Francis, The Bitlands
Current Status Alive
Mario and Co. - Enemy
First Appearance Super Paper Mario
Latest Appearance  ???

Francis is a chameleon and nerd whom is the owner of his personal "Fantasy Fortress" in the Bitlands. His only true known apperance is in Super Paper Mario, where he serves as the 3rd World's Boss who guards the 4th Pure Heart.


Francis acts like a stereotypical nerd as seen in pop-culture. He has an extreme obsession with butterflies, thus leading to why he had kiddnapped Tippi during the events of SPM. Francis also overreacts when he sees what he considers a "Hot Babe", resorting to opening Swoon.exe. (A program Francis created to calmly communicate with girls)


Francis retains the theme of SPM's new characters, being not rounded like Mario or the other main protagonists and his shading is made up of squares. He constantly wears: glasses which have square lenses; a yellow shirt consisting of a pattern with Mushrooms and Stars from the Super Mario series and a large "Bum Bag" (As Francis calls them) below it.

Apperances in Games

He has not appeared in any game since his debut in Super Paper Mario, Possibly because other characters from games don't have acess to The Bitlands or because Francis refuses to leave his fortress.


Super Paper Mario