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Francesca art
Full Name Francesca Lördenale
Current Age 18
Date of Birth March 18
Gender Female
Species Halcandran
Location Skilaire
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Dark Mage
Dark Matter Army (?)
Dark Matter Resistance (?)
Main Weapon(s) Spectrum Scepter
Ability/ies Dark magic
Moderate intelligence
Vulnerable To Water
Voice Actor(s)
Alecia Moore
Francesca is a dark mage halcandran coming from the future of an alternative timeline, responsible for a number of massacres and mysterious kidnappings over Zolara as well as bringing back the evil Shadoo. In the present time, they are an unknown mage who seeks nothing more than a reasonable amount of respect and dignity, but has to go to great depths to obtain such.

Despite their antagonistic role in the alternative timeline, they play more as a neutral character in the present, taking care not to follow the mistakes that led to the awakening of Shadoo or rise too high to power. While liking those in the Dark Matter Army - they tend to side more with the Dark Matter Resistance, and often has to play a role as "double agent" to prevent losing trust on either side.


Francesca has a very pale white skin and has angry, blood-red eyes, with blue hair of many shades rushing over their head. Their robes are grey and red with yellow buttons to tie it all together, and their hands are the same color as their skin but have sharp, bloody nails. They are almost always seen holding the Spectrum Scepter, a grey stick with a colorful top, lit up at the ready.


Francesca is a dark mage, and is able to utilize dark magic to their advantage. They can teleport small distances and shoot cyan/lime/hot pink waves from their Spectrum Scepter, which entangle around the opponent and steal their health for Francesca's use. If they doesn't use that move, they'll likely cast a spell that they've learned in their younger years, or think quickly of a complex or combined power and use it if possible.

When magic is not taken into account, they can also communicate well with people, as they are not shy and not afraid to talk to others. They can also cook extremely well and do a great job with normal house work, like cleaning. When cooperation is necessary, They'll do so without a problem: they've practiced with their (deceased) brother with cooperation when they were younger.


Francesca is rude, somewhat disrespectful, and unpleasant to talk to, unless you're in their inner circle of friends, where they act the opposite. Francesca has somewhat of an ego and is very condescending, as well as often passive aggressive and a jerk in general. But they don't always try to act that way and try to cut it down when they know they're taking it too far.

Francesca's reasons for being rude is how they were treated as a child; not treated well, hardly fed, had to rely on themselves to survive. No one talked to them kindly either and all had egos of their own, and Francesca finds it necessary to have their own and to find themselves as the best, as that's what their family members also had in mind before they killed them all.

If one were to befriend Francesca, not only does their personality reverse for that specific person, they also become more self-depreciating and timid and kind of shy, and loses all of their courage in the process, and actually gains the ability to have healthy laughs and good times. Of course this applies to only people that have befriended them, treat treats others like garbage.



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