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Francesca art
Full Name Francesca Lördenale
Current Age 18
Date of Birth March 18
Gender Female
Species Halcandran
Location Skilaire
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Dark Mage
Dark Matter Army (?)
Dark Matter Resistance (?)
Main Weapon(s) Spectrum Scepter
Ability/ies Dark magic
Moderate intelligence
Vulnerable To Water
Voice Actor(s)
Alecia Moore
Francesca is a dark mage halcandran coming from the future of an alternative timeline, responsible for a number of massacres and mysterious kidnappings over Zolara as well as bringing back the evil Shadoo. In the present time, she is an unknown mage who seeks nothing more than a reasonable amount of respect and dignity, but has to go to great depths to obtain such.

Despite her antagonistic role in the alternative timeline, she plays more as a neutral character in the present, taking care not to follow the mistakes that led to the awakening of Shadoo or rise too high to power. While liking those in the Dark Matter Army - she tends to side more with the Dark Matter Resistance, and often has to play a role as "double agent" to prevent losing trust on either side.


Francesca has a very pale white skin and has angry, blood-red eyes, with blue hair of many shades rushing over her head. Her robes are grey and red with yellow buttons to tie it all together, and her hands are the same color as her skin but have sharp, bloody nails. She is almost always seen holding the Spectrum Scepter, a grey stick with a colorful top, lit up at the ready.


Francesca is a dark mage, and is able to utilize dark magic to her advantage. She can teleport small distances and shoot cyan/lime/hot pink waves from her Spectrum Scepter, which entangle around the opponent and steal their health for Francesca's use. If she doesn't use that move, she'll likely cast a spell that she's learned in her younger years, or think quickly of a complex or combined power and use it if possible.

When magic is not taken into account, she can also communicate well with people, as she is not shy and not afraid to talk to others. She can also cook extremely well and do a great job with normal house work, like cleaning. When cooperation is necessary, she'll do so without a problem: she's practiced with her (deceased) brother with cooperation when they were younger.


Francesca was born from two powerful, high authority figures of evil origin in the near future, who have only given her life to carry on their traditions of evil. She was also born alongside brother Elisin. During her early childhood, she was diagnosed with a condition that would greatly enhance her magic powers but destroy a lot of her mind's stability, resulting in a powerful child who doesn't even know what she's doing half the time.

Through her childhood, she's practiced with her brother Elisin on battling enemies and advancing their magic, and the two were a formidable pair. At the time, she was very into magic and read up on how to cast many spells, and she went out of her own control, and when she wasn't given access to her parents' library, she killed both her parents to get there, and her brother died of fear of her own potential. This happened when she was just eleven.

Francesca eventually turned sixteen and decided to take over her parents' forces and army and form a giant empire to battle against the heroes and overall good people of Zolara. She was eventually kicked out of her place by another person, but was trusted to bring back to life Shadoo, who in her alternative timeline was laid to rest in order to gain enormous power. She kidnapped many people to try and see who would make a perfect victim for her plans, and person after person failed. She eventually found a person to do the sacrifice though after about half a year of searching.

Once that person was tossed into a fire and a spell was casted automatically by Francesca, Shadoo was awoken from a supposed eternal slumber. Francesca was perfectly okay with all of this until a bystander loyal to the monster told her that she would need to be sacrificed to grant him full power. Immediately not okay with this, she screamed in horror as Shadoo took her and prepared to kill her when she suddenly disappeared from the scene.

Francesca woke up in the middle of a field, the sun shining in contrast to the black clouds that covered her timeline, and the birds were chirping and the flowers were blooming. Francesca immediately got up and didn't really understand what happened, and questioned if this is the future that was controlled by Shadoo. Confused, she leaved the scene, and continued floating about the land, eventually stumbling across Sky City after a few days of traveling.

Rather than being greeted by someone from the Dark Matter Resistance, she was met by one of the major members of the Dark Matter Army, although it's not clear who it was. They told her that she looked suspicious as a dark mage and told her that she's better off with them where she can help them out. She refused the offer however, explaining that she doesn't even know where she was, and they told her "Sky City", which brought a very familiar image to her: that was what her homeland was like in the future, but destroyed yet reassembled.

She trained up with the Dark Matter Army, and was eventually set up to do a specific task that wasn't explained nor exactly detailed by her commander, and she set out to accomplish it, but came across White who noted her image and ended up battling her, with her at a loss due to some of her extremely powers being unable to be used at that time when she only had the resources in the future. White didn't kill her however and offered her a place in the Dark Matter Resistance, and she took the offer, figuring it was related to the Dark Matter Army.

As of now, Francesca is a dark mage who is slowly working her way into finding how she got into the present time, and how to work out her powers, and to figure out if she will take the Resistance or the Army side. ...That's actually your choice.


Francesca is rude, somewhat disrespectful, and unpleasant to talk to, unless you're in her inner circle of friends, where she acts the opposite. Francesca has somewhat of an ego and is very condescending, as well as often passive aggressive or even discriminatory, although limits it to picking on people's sizes and their elements.

Francesca's reasons for being rude is how she was treated as a child; not treated well, hardly fed, had to rely on self to survive. No one talked to her kindly either and all had egos of their own, and Francesca finds it necessary to have her own and to find herself as the best, as that's what her family members also had in mind before she killed them all.

If one were to befriend Francesca, not only does her personality reverse for that specific person, she also becomes more self-depreciating and timid and kind of shy, and loses all of her courage in the process, and actually gains the ability to have healthy laughs and good times. Of course this applies to only people that have befriended her, she treats others like garbage.

Relationships with Other Characters


Francesca finds White to be half decent at best, calling him "somewhat worthy of a fighter" and "not necessarily a stick in the mud", although picks on his powers as if they were weak and often makes fun of his simple appearance.


Before he died of fear of his sister's power, he really respected her and held on to her as a best friend and advisor, and always tried to keep her out of trouble. In return Francesca really liked him and wished he didn't die of fear, and because of his death, she practically has no one.



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