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Monday, June 15, 2015

I... I wish i was her friend... Tsuki Hase thought But will she accept me as a friend?

With this thought in his mind, he fell asleep, until his teacher, Mrs. Fujiyama, found him asleep.

"Tsuki Hase!!! Are you listening?!"

He awoke, his classmates looking at him.

"What? Whadda ya looking at?"

"ARE YOU LISTENING, HASE?!" Fujiyama yelled.

"YES, MA'AM!" said Tsuki and fell asleep again. Fujiyama sighed.

"Let's just continue, shall we? Okay, Yamagishi Luna, please solve this equation on the board."

She answered it. Her answer is 12.5.

Suddenly, it was lunch time.

Tsuki approached Luna Yamagishi's seat, then he spoke.

"Hello, i'm Tsuki Hase. I want to be friends with you." said Tsuki.

Who is he? Why does he want to be my friend? Luna thought.

"Sorry." replied Luna "I refuse to be your friend."

Luna stood up and walked away. Tsuki asked his friend if he did something bad.

"No, no..." replied his friend, Hiro "You didn't do something bad. Just ask her for the reason why you and Luna can't be friends."

"That might work." replied Tsuki.

He patted Hiro's back and said, "Thanks, bro."

Hiro nodded, and Tsuki went away, following Luna.

At the school's rooftop, Luna is eating her lunch, until Tsuki interrupts.

"Oh, shit. What do you want?" asked Luna.

"Just ask me, why can't we be friends?" asked Tsuki.

There was no answer.

"Hmph. Excuse me." said Luna angrily.

She finised eating her lunch, cleaned it up and walked away.

Monday, June 16, 2015

Tsuki goes to the rooftop and sits down to lunch with Luna.

"Oh, what now?!" asked Luna angrily.

"Please, just answer me, why can't we just be normal friends?" asked Tsuki.

Luna was furious, she drops down her lunch angrily.


"It's because i cannot have any friends, okay?! Happy now?!" she answered angrily.

She then walked away angrily.

"Luna please wait!" said Tsuki. He then grabbed Luna by the shirt.



"Get off me."


"I said get off me!!"

Tsuki loosens his grip and let go of her.

He realized he doesn't just want a friend, he is also in love.

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