Fragments of a Rainbow

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The broken rainbow is ready to be fixed...
Author Luna Yamagishi
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Chapter(s) 6 volumes
Series Fragments Kakera
Sequel(s) Kakera no Isshūkan

Fragments of a Rainbow (虹のかけら Fragments of a Rainbow?) is a novel written by Luna Yamagishi. This was Yamagishi's frist novel and first of the "Fragments Kakera" series.

Main Characters

Tsuki Hase (ハーゼ ツキ Hase Tsuki?)

A high school student who likes to be a friend of his classmate, Luna Yamagishi. Main leading protagonist.

Luna Yamagishi (山岸 ルナ Yamagishi Runa?)

Luna was once popular in the school, but due to a car accident, she loses all of her memories, and Tsuki wants to help her. Main protagonist.

Hiro Mutō (武藤 ヒロ Mutō Hiro?)

Hiro is Tsuki's friend. He appears to be a cold person who's straightforward with words, and often sleeps in class while treating everything else as a bother.

Tsumi Tengoku (天国 罪 Tengoku Tsumi?)

Tsumi is a clumsy girl with bad grades. She used to be bullied by lassmate because of her clumsiness.


High schooler Tsuki Hase notices that his classmate Luna Yamagishi is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming better acquainted, Luna reveals that every Monday she loses all memory of her friends. Despite learning this, Tsuki endeavors to befriend her anew every week.


Volume ISBN (Note that the ISBN is not real) Release DATE
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 1 9785868647444 June 22, 2015
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 2 9785868648176 November 22, 2015
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 3 9785868641643 April 27, 2016
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 4 9785868652486 November 22, 2016
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 5 9785868653674 March 22, 2017
Fragments of a Rainbow/Vol. 6 9785868654725 April 22, 2017